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  1. Shaladanra

    Guitar amp help :P

    Hello :D I was wondering if there are some guitar players who could give some advice on an guitar combo amp ? If anyone knows some amps which is good quality and can play loud, please let me know :P I'm in seriously need of an good amp ! Thanks in advance :P
  2. Shaladanra

    Dragonball: Legendary Super Warriors

    Are any of you guys familiar with the game Dragonball: Legendary Super Warriors for GBC ? :p I came across it yesterday and realized what great game it is so I just wanted to hear if any of you know it ? :cool:
  3. Shaladanra

    Water splitting beams?

    Hi all :D I got this idea: What if beams divided water when the beam flew over / past it ? You know, like when they(in the DBZ movies) fly over water surfaces and the water spread bellow them :P And when the beam is under water, could it be possible to chance the reflections ?? I don't...