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  1. Blashix

    Dragon Ball Unreal
  2. Blashix

    Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

    Are you waiting on this game?
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    I have a problem Open Beta

    Hi, i have a problem in the game esf open beta 1.3 please see in the screenshots and help me.
  4. Blashix

    ESF 1.3 Final Questions

    How do you think, when will it be released?
  5. Blashix

    New Cover Photo

    Look there.
  6. Blashix

    [Old PotW] POTW Jun 9, 2013

    I like Goku !
  7. Blashix

    I search new hud

    Hi, i search new hud to esf 1.2.3 from download. Most looking hud with esf 1.3 for a game esf 1.2.3.
  8. Blashix

    New Plugin

    How to dowload this plugin in video ? Please look minute: 4:50. in youtube, and other plugins in video.
  9. Blashix

    ESF 1.3. Open Beta Final Question

    Why after a few minutes of playing, it shows an error? Microsoft Visual C + + eg :
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    [Old PotW] New Nice Potw

    I like this photo,nice water.
  11. Blashix


    Team ESF ! Can you say what needs to be done in esf and what has been done in esf?
  12. Blashix

    [Old PotW] New Video
  13. Blashix

    Offline ESF 1.3 Question

    Will there be the option to play in ESF 1.3 do single player or offline game?
  14. Blashix

    ESF Final

    How many years must esf final has been released?
  15. Blashix

    New Gero map for ESF

    New Nice PotW !
  16. Blashix

    ENB Series

    Hello, is there enb series for Earth Special Forces?
  17. Blashix

    Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013

    Who can see the new movie?
  18. Blashix

    Half Life (non-steam) - my question

    Hi, can I play on the final esf.1.3 for Half Life (non-steam) ?
  19. Blashix

    ESF ECX RC2 - Question

    I have a question I can play in it for ECX RC2 game. But I Goku SSJ3 vs Goku ssj3 lined boot? I Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta ( in the game ) player vs bot.