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    Tournament news

    Are there any updates? There's less than a month left before I'm finally home ;) Holefully I'll get to participate.
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    The "Find servers" button suddenly stopped working

    Sorry for being a lamer, but when I press that button, nothing happens. Tinkering with serverbrowser.vdf didn't help. It worked fine yesterday, then poof!...
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    ESF custom spray

    This thread is ten years late, I know, BUT still I couldn't find a solution. I did see some guys spray their own images in esf, but apparently the method to get it working is different from Half life 1. What i REALLY don't need here is guys giving the same old advice again and again. So...
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    The most xMLGxXBlazInGxX game so far

    Hey everyone, you might wanna check out this one: It's a free short game yet it's so damn fun. I couldn't stop for a while. cheers
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    ESF 1.2.3. download links.

    Hello everyone :) I have just switched from WinXP to Win7 So i have to install my lovely ESF again :O I tried both links at the "Download" page, but none of them actually worked for me :( Sooner or later both said that requested URL could not be found :( Plz tell me what to do :o...
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    CAUTION: Cuteness is over 9000

    Yo people :) I hope this video will help you to lighten your mood a little bit <3