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  1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Post something that would be considered acceptable in your country

    The title suggests it, So here's mine in Australia, it is perfectly acceptable to have beetroot on hamburgers :smile: What are some things that people of different nationalities would find strange?
  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    WHAT IF SAGA: Bardock joins the Z squad

    Sorry for so many threads haha. But this has been an idea in my mind for a long time. A 'What if' saga of the adventures of Bardock after being thrown back in time. He figures that if frieza did it, He could manage it. Skip to namek saga, Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta are facing off against...
  3. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Question then suggestion

    Question: I tried to look for playable characters list but to no avail, I know the roster strictly follows canon so will the early Saiyans be playable (Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta)? When answered i Will post suggestion :yes:
  4. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Just a friendly question, Not impatient or anything.

    As of now, many people have been waiting for this modification for quite the number of years, I joined in 2010 and have been a regular on and off. But I am not getting to the point. My question is, and don't think of me as the annoying people who post 'WHENS IT COMING OUT I JOINED LIKE 6...
  5. Nick_Da_Wizard


    I have saints riw 3 and a few other to give away. AShutup im durnk LETS GO
  6. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Vacation of hell (An ESF fan fiction)

    :warning::warning::warning::warning::warning::warning: So we start this story after the development of ESF as finished. As a celebration I invite all members to a hotel in my hometown and we party all night. But what isn't known is...
  7. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Nick_Da_Wizard's simple drawing thread.

    Thought i would post all my notable artworks here. Won't be adding in order by date. The better ones are recent I guess. Negative or positive criticism welcome. Sorry for long post. Alex mercer Arj barker (met him :3) Attempt at Luke Skywalker The Joker Kid Cudi 2010...
  8. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Project genesis

    Heres a few screens using my new shader mod! Updated the texture pack from default (16x16) to Sphax PureBD craft (256x256)
  9. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Dummies of war - Development

    Working on a flash animation for Newgrounds called Dummies of war. If anyone is a member, show some support I will be posting updates to the movie here. i have two models for the movie and here they are: Gimme some feedback, remember this isn't a...
  10. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Let us get to know eachother

    Name: Nicholas Kim Williams D.O.B: 14/10/1991 Hobbies: Drawing, friends, alcohol, *****, Tattoos, Weights. Life Areas of interest: Nearly died when I was 9 by a Harley Davidson speeding accident, broke femur bone and hip and tore off the skin on my right pinkie finger. Favorite Members: Phrack...
  11. Nick_Da_Wizard

    GTA IV iCEnhancer 1.35 Screenshots.

    I like it :)
  12. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Ladies and Gentleman, Egoraptor

    I've been watching Egoraptor's videos since 2005. Still the best in parodies. Here is his Awesome series discography.
  13. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Your house on Google Maps!

    For some reason this photo makes it look like I live in paradise. I don't see how?
  14. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Phrack and Nickerrous' Minecraft Adventure!

    Phrack and I recently discovered we both play Minecraft. So immediately we joined a server and started from scratch, this is whats happened so far: We found a floating mountain type thing (without the house) and jumped up on it Our house Showing off my high res pack Will be...
  15. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Favourite Band/Song Right Now!

    Mines Birthday - Kings Of Leon
  16. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Ki Charge Up

    here's a suggestion that's probably been asked. What if when you power up your PL also increases.and like the melees maybe tiers of powering up ones slow, medium and fast and maybe have higher drawbacks for medium and high. i dunno i was playing another fan made dbz game and thats how you...
  17. Nick_Da_Wizard

    One Piece drawings and requests

    im gonna be doing one piece drawings (and request drawings here) enjoy :) Uploaded with
  18. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Nick's drunk adventures

    you thought 1 photo of me drunk was too much??? I GIVE YOU MORE! MHUAHUAHUAHUAHUA! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  19. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Cracked Steam.

    i've heard that people with cracked or pirated half life owners won't be able to lay the final version of ESF, but how are you going to stop them? because i'm seeing more and more un-verified half life owners in this forum and there obviously going to try every way to get the final version when...
  20. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Raditz - The untold story

    seriously if you are interested let me know i got a massive story lined up. don't mind the basic drawings. its the style i'm using. should i keep going? Uploaded with