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  1. Baaja

    Only certain people will remember this.

    That's amazing - I'll listen to them at work tomorrow!
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    [Anime] Dragon Ball Super Thread

    Looking forward to this arc actually, Dragonball Super is quite a good watch when you have some sparetime.
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    Can we get a good and coherent thread going where we
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    Hey Phobius! How's it going mayn?
  5. Baaja

    The God has returned

    Saved the post for whatever may happen in the future. Nice to hear back from you Sub, I vaguely remember everything you spoke of, but I am 100% sure that the community was really shitty and a drama fest. It all started about the same time I arrived to the Force Pit which then got removed for...
  6. Baaja

    Best Forum Game

    Damn, had no idea he was a Moderator! I like Dam for his taste in various nerdy entertainment choices! <3
  7. Baaja

    Pokémon GO

    Damn Phrack! You be working that!. I have yet to take over a gym, only done a few skirmishes. Level 23 but only caught 85 out of 86 (Damn you Dewgong!) - live in a urban area and have been hitting a roof about now, need to visit other places such as my hometown, which I hear has quite a lot of...
  8. Baaja

    Pokémon GO

    I play that shit and enjoy it thoroughly even if it is a crap game - I like both the social and motivational aspect about it. I've been walking a lot more lately, taking detours and spontaneous walks to places I don't usually visit in my city. Just got dinged level 21 (softcap at 20) and halfway...
  9. Baaja

    3d modelling first model

    Keep it up and do not stop! Aspire to really take the time to know the ins and outs of modelling before you try to move into other fields.
  10. Baaja

    Darktooth's animation library progress

    Good job Darktooth! If you were able to pick one animation which you were the most proud of - which one would that be? And also, what was the absolutely hardest animation to do? Perhaps a single animation may answer both questions. Fun to hear your thoughts on it.
  11. Baaja

    Your team need the guy thats making db unreal

    Wow, the nostalgia you brought back! I used to lurk on all of those every day as a kid. Dragonmod Z was ESFs biggest competitor back in the days - but wasn't as polished as ESF was imho. Loved Bid for Power - even after they changed into some generic characters due to copyright, but eBFP was...
  12. Baaja

    Nice Game screenies

    Ah, you are playing as a HC character - then I understand why that Amulet is so great for you! The other stats are not so bad either!
  13. Baaja

    The God has returned

    Haha, I remember that one! We had a whole plan made in the Force Pit section?
  14. Baaja

    Shots Fired

    I think I played the second beta, with the Namek map (?) and that was like 2002 or something. So yup, the game is old and it is incredible the things they have done up til now with such an old engine!
  15. Baaja

    [Anime] Dragon Ball Super Thread

    Totally agree with you on the PG and liking the script. Also, appreciate the rundown - was actually unaware that the anime was further ahead than the manga - guess I will have to catch up to avoid spoilers in this thread moving forward. I actually liked the fight between Goku and Beerus when...
  16. Baaja

    [Anime] Dragon Ball Super Thread

    Just started watching DBS after I read up a bit on the manga which has quite the pacing. Kind of like the series, thus far - I am currently at episode 20 which is the beginning of the Resurrection of F movie. Can anyone give me a rundown on the timeline for DBS the series, the movies and the...
  17. Baaja

    The God has returned

    Haha that last one made me rofl irl DS. I could hear hleV cringe. Nice seeing you again here man! I stop by and lurk but if you were to spark some life in several threads - you'll be seeing me there.
  18. Baaja

    Special video on official ESF channel?

    Dalte, I am raising my hands in the air right now and I hope my energy will help you work on it!
  19. Baaja

    [Old PotW] Some Screenshots (And Dev Journal #2)

    Then it is not the lines but the (reddish) shading around his eyes. Compare your picture to:
  20. Baaja

    [Old PotW] Some Screenshots (And Dev Journal #2)

    I have some issues with the Goku skin - the lines under his eyes look like he is either cranky or has not slept for a while, or a combination of both. He looks tired and evilish, reminiscent of Majin Vegeta kind of.