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  1. greentaco

    DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that DOOM 3 went gold as of 11:54 AM CST today. The expected release date is August 3-5, so start saving/upgrading your computer!
  2. greentaco

    New Vertical Series Sig

    I tried something new for me, and I think it's pretty cool, what do you guys think? [edit]: Just saw something I wanted to change, so it's updated a bit.
  3. greentaco

    Problem with graphics

    Alright, even the testers have problems sometimes. On my main internet computer, everything works fine, but on my own computer (which isn't usually on the net) the sky graphics (mainly) screw the game up all to hell. I'll post a screenshot so you guys can see what is going on. Any help with this...
  4. greentaco

    OT: I just couldn't help myself...

    Well, I usually don't make sigs for people, especially when they don't ask me...but I just couldn't resist. Optimus Prime, I hope you read this, because I decided to make you a sig. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not. Here it is: What do you guys think?
  5. greentaco

    Just some art stuff...

    Just thought I'd post some of my most recent work up: Some crit would be cool. Noah GreenTaco
  6. greentaco

    Artwork Tutorials

    Post all links for Artwork Tutorials in this thread please. Digitexturia - Noah GreenTaco
  7. greentaco

    A little bone to pic about sigs...

    Okay, I'm seeing more and more people on here with two or more large sigs. It's perfectly fine when you have two or more small ones, but when they're like 600x150 (just estimating), it gets a little out of hand. I really don't want to type any more on this, I'm tired, and I have to study for a...
  8. greentaco


    Just thought I'd post some art up... I'm currently helping the Interactive Media II (advanced) class out (I'm in Interactive Media I) with an art network site that they're making. I made a design, and although I'm not sure if they're going to go with it, I think it's pretty cool...
  9. greentaco

    Sig for Buzzkill

    Buzz, I got bored here at school, so took a few minutes out of my day and made you a sig. enjoi...if you use it. Noah GreenTaco
  10. greentaco

    A little bit 'o art...

    Here are some images I made a while ago when I was bored. Crit or anything would be cool. Prospecting Future: Stand Out: -Peace- Noah