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    Some Real Art!

    i don have a scanner at my house... but i do at my grandmas and i will be posting artwork soon :) but until then here is someone's artwork that was o the fan art page that i colored in psp7....
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    i saw the news you had, and i just registered a new site a couple days ago called Modstrike... The site is ... if you want to, i can host these files, because i have unlimited bandwith and thousands of megabytes... so get on aim at sonic834.... or email me... [email protected]
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    Base Model Release

    ok, here ya go, xstortionist made the chest and i made the legs... have fun, and remember this is my first model ever... visit .... and i again want to point something out... Sharp has been working on a base model for about a month and still hasnt finished, this model was...
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    Base Model

    hey everyone, xstortionist and I are working on a base model.... he made the chest and i made the legs and i am going to make hands and feet but no head... we will release it soon.... visit .... one more thing, Sharp was making a base model and it has been 3 weeks and he still...
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    Animating Job

    i sent an email Mastasurf a while ago and asked him, but he never replied... so I am applying now.... i will post a model later with some of my animations....
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    Ssjwall Your Sig Is Ready

    alright i made you one... here ya go... and judge dont get pissed he asked me directly through PM... comments anyone?
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    My New Sig

    yo, look at this new sig i made for me in my friends company... BTW: i made the fire myself :p
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    Attention All Members Of [smc]!

    ok, i am going to assign each member to a certain forum that they go to often... so, post here which forum you would like to be assigned to....
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    Cool Ssj Goku

    well, i made this in like 30 seconds, real easy... so here ya go, i will post a download later...
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    Real USSJ Vegeta

    (sigh)... that one dude made a cool USSJ Vegeta, but it looked a little messed up... here is a pic of the one i made... I will post a link for download later... Compare sizee to this one...
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    My New Sig

    comments anyone? btw: hibiki dont reply or ill rape your mom... we dont need any more gay hibiki talk...
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    Planet Namek

    ummm... i went to and i looked at the HL mods section... then i saw a link to Power Up.... i then started screaming and had spasms.... almost killed myself... it is hard for me to think back to the old days of power up... i have been with u since day one...
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    [SMC] Sig Makers Community

    we have gathered and are still recruiting members.... if you wanna join, go to our site for stuff.... BTW hey USJ trunks, would u like to join?
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    Free Sig

    yo i made a sig... reply if you want it.... this will be my last sig until we get the SMC up and running...
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    MAJIN YOU.... your sig is ready...

    well, here ya go... if u use it,plz put thnx to -|DbZ|- Android 16 under it... thanx.. btw: can anyone give comments?
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    Attention All Sig Makers

    i am thinking of starting a sig makers clan or guild... tell me what u think. and tell me if you want to join...
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    Who Makes The Best Sigs V 2.0

    ok, post a reply with a number... btw: you can choose more than one... (1) -|DbZ|- Android 16 (2) Judge (3) SPiN (4) -|DbZ|- Piccolo
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    Diff Between Models And Skins

    ok, obvioulsy many of you dont know the differnece between skins and models... well, a model is the actual thing, it is the actuall shape and style. the skin is what goes on the model. like the skin, the shirt, the pants, etc.... ex: -[gF]- Super 17 said "I have a Gohan Model", when all he...
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    Recruiting Modellers

    hey sorry to post this here, but i need a modeller for my mod.... it is called TFMP, and if you want to join, email me or go to the site...
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    Sig For Grabs

    hey all, i just made a cool sig and it is up for grabs... so reply to this post if you want it...