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  1. Bryggz

    Time Killers!! (Post your time killers here! Share ;) )

    Hey What do y'all guys do when you're bored as **** and the forum isn't so active and bolstering? List some things you guys like to do, (preferably online, considering it's what i'm referring to, but anything will do. I personally kill hours of time in the simplicity that is anaroch online...
  2. Bryggz

    "Pumping ps " Heads out of the gutter!

    Saw this in the development List for 1.2.....can someone clarify this for me?
  3. Bryggz

    The Debate Regarding Using References From Others to Model- Please Read Everyone

    Okay, now let me get this straight. Now the way I see this, anyone who posts their FLAT-shaded render is to blame, I mean **** man, think about it for a second and any smart person can face the facts. Do you see anybody posting their skinmaps in here and saying "Hey! How's this look???" NO...
  4. Bryggz

    MuDvAyNe fanatics post here!

    I'm sorry but in case no one has ever paid attention to my sigs or avatars, yes, I worship MuDvAyNe, I think their ingenious musicians, and their lyrical depth is amazing. Another other Mud-People in this forum? If so have you seen them live? Or have anything to say on them just in general? I...
  5. Bryggz

    My Bruce Lee Banner/Sig/Background/Or whatever, give crits

    you heard the subject hmmm? :shocked:
  6. Bryggz

    I made a background....whatcha think

    I don't consider it a masterpiece but I think it makes a real cool background......what'chall think?
  7. Bryggz

    Animated Gif's here...tons of em

    What can I say...I'm bored...and this is quite off-topic, I found a real cool (at least I think it is) Gif, from this website that has tons of em, since people seem to lack some creative avatars....maybe you can use these.... anyways i found this one to be quite cool, too big for an avatar...
  8. Bryggz

    New Mudvayne sig, give comments

    hey I got it in my signature below....any comments? It's quite simple....but I think it's not bad considering the difficulty I had finding pictures that could be worked into a sig *edit* am I just at the limit for size? I really forgot to check the pixel L & W before I made this...
  9. Bryggz

    Back on the modeling scene, with a lil sumpin' sumpin'- wip's a chest....but i made it entirely poly by poly, i'm working on the arms, this character will be completely original, and I'm releasing it to more than just the esf community, I'll also be skinning it, when i'm ready, anyways, Crits? I'll update this thread with new pics whenever...
  10. Bryggz

    Weapon Model Request Thread

    I find that I can make weapon models quite nicely, considering how i made link's sword (i'm not sure if mine got used) i made ganondorf's sword, and i find that making weapons is quite fun, as models can get quite complicated and redundant (just my opinion b/c i haven't been in the mood lately...
  11. Bryggz

    For those who were waiting for a certain gotenks pack....good news is on the way

    TOTAL CONVERSION IS IMMINENT!!! OKAY credits!!!! S-bolt- for ssj2 gohan hair and arms Xstortionist- chest/lower torso Ssj3 HAIR and JACKET and compilation of model pieces- me, Bryggz :-) Azn- Sash (made from his gohan's bandanna) Final edits/Cleaning up of model/compilation of the...
  12. Bryggz

    DRAGONBALL ZETA! on byond! (its a game! and its free! read!)

    hey guys for those who never caught onto a little thread(that i just happen to have read) a while back, there's (at least what i consider to be) a kickass free game on byond. download byond in the d/l section then goto fan games section. Then go download dragonball zeta by...
  13. Bryggz

    HELP ME! i need reference pics for hellsing's main character

    hey guys! im keeping up with the whole "stay away from dbz-themed characters" bit, and im make a model from the guy in hellsing, but all the reference pics i have of him are low quality and very........far away from him.....i would appreciate some good side pics and front close up pics, and...
  14. Bryggz

    My very first sig

    heres my very first sig featuring my favorite band mudvayne. Yes it's dark...not meant too be too vibrant.....any comments?
  15. Bryggz

    Forum fun! (who doesn't like mama jokes?-as long as we keep it clean :-P)

    come on who doesnt like a mama joke? some are downright hilarious.....while others are ghey as ghey can be. Anyways, anyone wanna start it off? i think they should be directed towards people..... would make fora very ncie competition :-D (and would bring some laughs)
  16. Bryggz

    Forget old metal, how bout my nu metal ppl :-P

    Ok i saw a poll for favorite metal bands, but those are the founders of metal, now how about some of our rising stars tothe genre? personally i like a lot of new bands over metallica's stuff, or most of the older bands, merely because of their creativity and the unique sound to their music...
  17. Bryggz

    new jacket for gotenks, like better?

    hey guys i made a new jacket for my gotenks pack cause the old one kept haunting me, tell me what u think and remember, give me help on how to make it better, dont just say it is bad (if u think so) cause i honestly think this one either #1 is or #2 could be better new one and...
  18. Bryggz

    Don't you people know anything!! (the meaning of someone who's "goth")

    Ok guys first of all, for all of you who wear black and huge baggy clothes and whatnot (like me!!!!!). You're considered ALTI'S! NOT GOTH!! I hear nightshade saying "goth pride!" and stuff. Man.......ever watch those weird specials on tv? Goth people put face paint on in weird white/red/black...
  19. Bryggz

    My own poly for poly start :)

    yea ive been practicing the poly method for a lil while and well...i made a chest and abs, it's for gotenks mind you so i wanna know whatchall think. click here
  20. Bryggz

    Gotenks ssj3 hair, which is better

    ok guys i made 2 versions of gotenks ssj3 hair, now i just need to know which has more potential, version one may look cool, but its rather dirty (not a closed mesh) and its not exactly true to the show. while version two has potential to be badass, but something doesnt seem right about it...