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  1. Wangster

    omg, he didint got pie!

    i wasnt planning on posting this here, i wont mention the reasons cuz it wud prolly start a whole discussion of a billion pages long, the main reason im posting it here is cuz Sohl is down atm >< anyways , here it is.. i didint know what to do with the hair, so id figure id give him a rock...
  2. Wangster


    im sketching as i speak but im going to bed in a min, il continue it tomorow. below il show a screenie of what i got so far, it has errors , like the arms and stuff but its still gonna be fixed. im thinking about taking my second cg try on this :o also, the kid is grabbing some other dude atm...
  3. Wangster

    new siggeh

    i made this sig with a tut of a friend of mine, his nick is Tomiro, im not sure if he is on esf forum to, but he is on most Naruto boards, mostly as gfx mods and such. anyways, here it is, full credit to him, gj m8.
  4. Wangster

    Energy concentration

    well, :) ive made a little something yesterday, i drew a hand... and colord it in photoshop, first attempt with coloring in a LONG time :) im pretty satisfied with the outcome, most credits go to david skiwan , because he learnd me how to do this, and when i was stuck, he gave me tips :) thnx m8...
  5. Wangster

    new art.

    well, i made a pic the day b4 yesterday , but thats only the left half from what i show you, the left guy is better drawn imo then the right , the right was done last night @ 2:30 am, so thats the reason it looks worse.. :) anyways, here is the pic, i was thinking of cs when i drew it :)
  6. Wangster


    yo people... i drew this this afternoon when i had 2 hours free from school... that was arround 11:30 when i finished it... i havent posted in a while... but here is a start :) please C&c. this is BASED ON the real sonic, it isnt supposed to be him, just a made up bro or something.
  7. Wangster

    omg its a drawing!

    >_< anyways, here it is:
  8. Wangster

    some pictures.

    Hmm,, i am posting some of my art here now, since i think i have improved since those times that i posted my pics here with people that have heads half the body length 0_o i also think i devloped my art in the muscles and face more. anyways, i feel like showing you guys this , so please...
  9. Wangster


    well, i am making a map, pretty simple one, an outter space place, with water, and on the water is floating an arena, and i want the arena move slightly, and for that , i think i need func_train, but it isnt in my entitie's list, i am a complete n00b to mapping , so plz tell meh :)
  10. Wangster


    hmm, when i wanted to make a naruto pic, i brainstormed, and i got this pic in my head.... then i started drawing, and this came out dude, totaly naruto, dont ya think? btw, its not good, but its WAY better then i used to draw, the upperbody still looks a little flat, and the for us right arm...
  11. Wangster

    low poly rock lee WIP

    well, i started a Rock-lee model yesterday, and this is what i got so far. i am making it pretty low poly. poly count: 547 so far. needs to be done: arms + hands, feet and head. and some tweaking, and completing the belt. done: 70 % c&c? ps: the sides are just shuved into each...
  12. Wangster

    first 3dsm model ever.

    well, this is my first serious 3dsm model i ever made, and i give some credit to ben mathis for making the wonderfull tutorial that helped, and learned me alot. here are the renders: dont really need crits. i just wanted to show this to yah. comments are welcome dough:)
  13. Wangster

    Bakamiru -_-''

    well, i made a pic today, and called the char bakamiru, ( baka = idiot ) and miru is the end of shikamiru, a char from naruto, dont even know for sure its spelled like that. anywayz, here is the pic, just totaly forget the name, and the text, had nothing to do, so i made it up, the '' I C " are...
  14. Wangster


    well, i suck @ hands big time, so i made some pictures to practice my skills on hands, here they are, absolutely no refference used, exept for the base i used, i used my own hand to create a base for it. here they are: c&c?
  15. Wangster


    well, i have installed esf 2 days ago again , i installed it on steam, gatherd al the info thru the search system, but there is 1 thing i couldnt find, how to get servers in the screen, i always have 1 server, and i have checked my filters, i even have set them that i should be able to receive...
  16. Wangster

    OMG, evm

    well, i installed evm just now, and how the hell do go ssj2 :) srry for this ultra noob question, but it isnt in the controlls. thnx in advance, and the forum of evm wont do me any help, its like dead there.
  17. Wangster


    hi, i made my second model, its zabuza from the anime naruto, its far from finished, but here it is: i wil probably not make the head myself, i am not good enough , i tried the head b4, and i got this crappy thing. sooo, updates will be here tomorow.
  18. Wangster

    Fuzzy eyebrows

    ^_^ made a picture of Rock-lee today, since yesterday, he is my ultimate favorite char, *cuz ive seen the fight against gaara* verry cool :) anywayz, i screwed up the face a lil with sloppy ness, and ugly curves. here it is: C&c? :)
  19. Wangster

    3ds max, ( not for proffesional eyes )

    lol, i got 3D s Max today, and made sum , as the topic says, not for pro eyes, :P ps : dont laugh :P this is al i can make now.... dont laugh :P
  20. Wangster

    self portaits!!!

    hey, been a while since ive been here, but since im arround, why not make a threath eh... this threath is about drawing yourself. in this threath, you will be drawing your self as how you think you look, you can use reffs, make it as good as possible, il look forward to see them here is...