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    CHeck This OUt hot beatboxxin :|:|

    check this **** out my people.. quality beatbox like razhel soon alot of doooope and new audios this is cool 2 tho!! luv
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    Hahah you modellers QWASSUP NEED OLDSHCOOl

    FunnnNnnny This mod shizzle still alive also seeing thousands of new faces new nuubs new nuub models whahahaha well well are their any oldschools still here wich know me? :D GOOD LUCK TO ALL JO LIL MOFFO MODDELLERS EDIT WHO THE **** IS KarrdeKNR imma kill you if i see you
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    I'm Back with live dbz action movies

    Heeey some know me but for those who don't im the dbz movie makin dude.... O_o how ever i got a new movie with just fighting and i got a commercial clip with some effects and some ****..well better check them out!! and the commercial...
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    If you are bored go here,and if you not go here!:P

    What if You are bored...would be some **** and there is nothing else to do.. well there is :P watch some of my video's at btw *new site in 2 hours or so* anyway download all movies and have fun if ya don't like it then just don't post..gimme critz to improve the movies...
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    Battle To the Limits - Got to see this dbz human dbz

    I will, post story line later.. but for now here Battle To the Limits You MUSTTTT check it....i hope you love it.. and this is part 2..posting part 1 later ( Older movies) Hope you enjoy these to...but don't load the newest first:D the second movie made the first movie made THE...
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    I got 2 Human dragonball fight movies for yooo!

    Hello!!! haven't been posting here for some L000000NG time ESF you guys are making some freakin awsome **** man!:D anyways I was playing with my camera and with martial arts scenes, so i thought ..maybe i can put dbz in the fighting scenes.. And make it look like dbz as much as possible...
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    Some new models and animations, just take a look

    hello im back with some new work, thanks turk fr the help with anotomy and the legs are just great. *lots of love and credit to turk. okay here we go. Some animations here--most of them with BFP vegeta-credit for rodney, but it is about the animation anyway: Run animations--it's my first so...
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    New animation..better?

    hey here new animation i made it with biped and after that put it on the model.. which i better don't do again cus then it kinda looks **** after all... but the animation it self ain't bad:)
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    blackjezus model.yeeh swa

    here new model i call him blackjezus...(even tho it is far from a blackjezus:P) the ref i used is from project eco so all credit for the concept goes to there concept artist... ok check him!
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    Vegeta..model check all 3:D **i was having trouble with the link, it was causing popups and stuff so here are some alternative links if any of you are having the smae problems as me:-
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    My vegeta my vegeta skin check....
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    the bald one:P......Krillin

    krillin model finished it like 4-5 weeks ago posting it now:P
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    New model

    just some d00d...weak guy can power up to some ninja d00d..rofl ninja pics later
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    New model high poly and normal

    here the links..hope you like still not done
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    new vegeta-

    New vegeta hope you like it:D copy and paste the urls in ya web browser
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    New model-ic0nz

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    Battle, fighting scene there download it and tell em what ya think *edit* here si the sound u can add on
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    Joining, Animator

    Hey, i was wondering if i could join the mod as animator i'll up some new things i made soon, need a host i have one so i'll be upping it soon and maybe as modeller and skinner, but ya have enough skinners and modellers allready so i can do some nice ass animations! brb to ya soon fot the...
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    new animations really got to c!

    3 styling animations,plz check!-finalflash-powerup...... heya here is my final flash attack and power up attack the final flash didn't came out how i really wanted,but that doesn't really's kinda ok, the sounds makes it more cool well uuh here is the one with out effects...
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    Styling to c

    made by my masta man(another masta here