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  1. ZeroNightmare

    New WiFi internet in the house, help with xbox live

    Sup guys. Just moved into another house and I have a wireless internet set up. The modem from the ISP is in my basement, which is connected to a wireless router. After that the pc's we use have little USB wifi detector cards. They work. Problem is I'm not sure how to set up my xbox for...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    New Video Card Problem

    Hey i smashed my old video car din an unfortunate computer accident and had to get a replacement Grabbed a cheapo geforce 6200 oc and installed it. When I try to plug my monitor into the slot on the video card after the windows loading screen the screen just goes black. It works...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Computer not detecting internet connection, Red light ethernet port

    edit fixed Yeah about 2 nights ago my internet stopped working on my computer, I assumed it was my internet failing so i went in the other room, unplugged the cable for about 15 seconds, reset it. It worked fine for the rest of the night. Came home last night, turned on the computer, get...
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Making Ringtones for your phone.

    Was just curious about how you guys went about getting/making your ring tones. I was just going to try using goldwave to cut the parts I liked and save them as smaller files.
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Help with computer sound output?

    Ok on my sisters computer all the sound is like an octave up, its like the pitch is shifted way up. Shes on vista. I have no idea how to fix this, or where to find an EQ menu or something. help anyone?
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Fiber Optic Internet/TV

    Anyone else have it? My friend at work lives near Fairfield Iowa and they got a grant to hook up every single house with Fiber Optic internet. Hes got it and its like insanely, insanely fast. Next month they get fiber optic TV or something. He told me he downloaded an Aerosmith anthology in...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Good year for Blizzard fans.

    I saw on gamespot that Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 and posted for release late this year in December. Its blizzard and its very possible they could be delayed but shmeh. Good news for us regardless.
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

    So lately I've taken an interest in Supreme Commander. After watching the forged alliance trailer, I was wondering how the story line goes. From what I've read after blacksun is fired it creates a softspot in space or something and then the Seraphim come through. So, my questions are...
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Crap Weather in the states

    I live in the Central US in Iowa, were getting some heavy flooding thats supposed to start today. The rivers supposed to raise 17ft, and I believe what they were saying that the first 7 ft will push the water to like the dam level, and were going to have about another 10ft of flooding. Alot...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    Itunes - Equalize all volume?

    Alright I've been using my Ipod for a while with Itunes and I was wondering if there was a way to equalize the volume of all the songs in the library. Its annoying when I'm listening to a song, and then the next track is literally like 20 decibels louder, then the next lower volume than the...
  11. ZeroNightmare

    Whats your flavor?

    Chocolate or Vanilla? I'm a Vanilla man my self. :lock:
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Throwing Items in SSMB

    How do you throw items in SSMB?...
  13. ZeroNightmare

    lol @ Gamespot April Fools Just look at everything... New DS game, "Good Touch, bad touch" rofl
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Hotoshop Stuff

    Been trying to get back into photoshop. Computer was effed for like a year, and work and school and whatnot made me forget about photoshop, so I'm going to post some stuff. Was listening to some Santana, in my year off I've seen that the smudge tags are pretty whored and popular these days. I...
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Internet Browser Freezes on Videos

    Whenever I try to watch a video on youtube, or anything my browser locks up and freezes. After that the browser usually wont open back up again and I have to restart my computer. I use firefox, but internet explorer does the same thing. I cant remember if i downloaded or changed something...
  16. ZeroNightmare

    Laptop Crashing :(

    Okso my laptops crashed a few times. I think its running out of memory or something. I'll be listening to music or something or watching videos, then the computer will freeze, and a blue screen will pop up and tell me to check my cache or something, and theres some internal error, i dont have...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    I'm going fishing Eh?

    Yeah So were heading up to Manitoba Canada I guess, its like 30 miles or so from Winipeg to go camping/fishing at red river for a week. were leaving sunday night, anyone have any reccomended things to do or see in the manitoba/winipeg area, or anywhere near there. I plan on going to a...
  18. ZeroNightmare

    4 new maps for gears of war for 800 ms points /barf free on september 7th 2007. kind of makes me mad, all the cool places that should of been in already they saved for the p2p downloadable...
  19. ZeroNightmare

    New Gears of War Update

    fixed several glitches, ones I've noticed are chainsaw jumping ( :cry: ) the grabbing/curbstomping slide :yes: and the running chainsaw glitch, but the angle chainsaw glitch is still there i guess. But they also added a new game mode the new mode is called Annex it works like this...
  20. ZeroNightmare

    TV Show: Guitar-Through the Electric Age

    anyone seen it? i forgot what the complete name was, but it was something about guitars: through the electric age. it talks about all the great guitarists and how gibson and fender came to be, and jimi jendrix, satriani, vai, bb king, abunch of people. its a cool watch. anyone happen to...