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  1. Halorin

    Moving Soon

    I'm probably going to be moving to the Alexandria or Arlington, Virginia area. Anyone know anything about it? Trying to do some snooping around for things like rent and stuff.
  2. Halorin

    Recommended Xbox Games

    I got bored today so I went and bought an Xbox, again. I used to have one but I traded it for a 'Cube. I picked up KOTOR, Pandora Tomorrow, Ninja Gaiden, and Phantom Clash. What games would you recommend? P.S.: If you say Halo, you hereby give me permission to drop an elbow on your life from...
  3. Halorin

    Another Fair Warning.

    Take a look. Yes. Team Styles and Skills has returned. The current member roster is 3: Halorin GMan Magus Recruitment and yada-yada will start up sooner or later, whenever 1.2 comes out and we feel there are good players to look at. Chances are we'll have maybe a six-person squad...
  4. Halorin

    Fair Warning.

    Watch your life. Team Styles and Skills has returned.
  5. Halorin

    You know what would be funny?

    Alright. Picture this. Two thugs are chilling on some street corner, talking about what else other than *****es and hoes. Then some third guy rolls up and he's like, "Yo! I hurt you was talkin' all this sh__ about me. What, you wanna battle?" One of the two guys is like, "F__ you. We can do...
  6. Halorin

    What's _YOUR_ Desktop Look Like.

    I'm sure a thread of this nature's been made before. I actually think I remember one. I just got done working on a DesktopX them, at least for now. I called Arwin Brown 0.8. It's not 1.0 because I gotta redo some of the images (like the shadows), and there's some more things I want to add in...
  7. Halorin

    The Grey Album

    To those who are fans of hip hop, any of you heard of anything from the Grey Album?
  8. Halorin


    Stop stealing my ideas. I sincerely hope I'm not some sort of 'trendsetter' to these forums. I don't go around copying your Naruto avatars and sigs, so don't copy my big italicized words.
  9. Halorin

    Halorin's updated melee concept.

    Alright, now.. Here's a little disclaimer: Most of these ideas are my own, but certain things like the charged swooping and the melee powerstruggles are just ideas I took my take on that I've seen from other people. I don't know exactly who had the charged swoop idea, but thanks. Also, I've...
  10. Halorin

    Melee tutorial!

    I was feeling generous, heh. So I invited our community's own Magus and Darksun into my server for some melee instruction. I showed them how to do some basic things, the fundamentals of 'expert melee.' It's certainly no "omg now i pwn" kind of thing, but it should put any noob at least on the...
  11. Halorin

    Halorin's Melee Concept

    There seems to be a lot of 'controversy' over the new information shed on 1.2 melee. I've tried to come up with a concept myself and wanted to know the opinion of the ESF community. Here goes: When you swoop at someone, mouse1 starts what I'll call a 'combo-chain,' and mouse2 will be...
  12. Halorin

    A paying request! Come look!

    I will paypal you $25.00 if you do me this one favor. Make a model of me. Yes. I will send you scanned pictures of myself, in most every angle and proportion I can think of, and pay you the previously mentioned amount to put me in ESF form. The sound pack, well.. I'll make that one myself. :D...
  13. Halorin

    A request

    I was wondering if anyone had ForeverZero's Vegito soundpack for Goku. I can't seem to get through his weblink and he's gone on vacation so I can't get in touch with him. Also, Red Saiyan is down yet again. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Halorin

    An animation problem

    I believe I asked something like this before in the past, but I never got a clear enough answer. I had wanted to use a pair of Trunks models that were made for 1.0 in 1.1, where all of the sword attack animations were replaced with the 1.0 melee animations. If there's someone that could either...
  15. Halorin

    Power Struggle Suggestion

    It seems a little clumsy to me, how PS's are handled these days. I can't count how many times I'll PS someone, and my beam will shoot off to the side of them or some crap and it'll wander off into nowhere to explode in some pocket and to waste my time and my ki. How about when you're in the...
  16. Halorin

    A Trunks Model Question

    Is there any way I could use a Trunks model that doesn't have his sword and have him use the animations of him without the sword and just regular melee? I don't care if people mysteriously gib for no reason, but I really miss the Armor Trunks models.
  17. Halorin

    About the beams in the picture in picture.

    If you can pull that off, is there a way to show beam heads of significant size in the radar? Maybe like have it be shown as a blue dot. That would help a lot with getting tagged in the back by beam whores.
  18. Halorin

    Finishing Buster.

    To the people that knew Trunks well in 1.0. Does it seem like the Finishing Buster takes a lot longer to charge? It seems to do more damage, but I haven't tested it when everyone's SSJ when it normally starts to decline in effectiveness.
  19. Halorin

    What if 1.0 and 1.1 were switched?

    Alright. Here's an interesting question. How do you think the overall responses would be if 1.1 was 1.0 and when 1.1 came out, it was 1.0, so the versions had switched over. Do you think people would like a stable server and framerate over smoother, if not mistimed, animation, choppy framerate...
  20. Halorin

    About future releases

    I suggest that the team should make sure everything that gets changed should be known and talked to with the community before it happens so as to prevent all of these complaints. I don't remember anyone saying anything about the hit detection changing, but I do remember someone saying that the...