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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Oh yeah sh** load of new sweet pics: Whoa, the game get's better and better.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Some newish screens: looks realy awsome upclose, yeah and i agree with David here, the models look clean and manga stylish (Y).
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    ZOMG! new scans: Omg you can crate your OWN freaking character!! OMFG! finnaly the day has come PC gets a awsome game :cry [happytears] Yeah and many offical gamepages has it listed like jeux-frence so it is real!
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Wow, seems PC is getting it's first offical bandai DBZ game. Could this mean end to ESF? j/k :P -Akira Toriyama is personally supervising the development with Bandai and Bandai Korea -They're still in search of a publisher Info...
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    Naruto Shippuuden Mugen!!

    To change to full screen press "alt+enter" and yeah the keys suck and are hard to master :P keeps you busy. But this is ment to be a 2 player game lol.
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    Naruto Shippuuden Mugen!!

    NHM = "Naruto Hurricane(Shippuuden) Mugen" is a fan made(in making) mugen engine game. Some ingame screens & Stuff: pre-demo video(trailer) :=) Downlaod links :
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    No mouse cursor ingame menu...

    howcome? it's very annoying, other steam games have it, ESF doesnt for me :S
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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    Hey does anyone here have Jedi Academy? If possible can anyone make a Zangetsu sword for the game? Id like to play with Zangetsu in the JKA so much, plz anyone?
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    That has been, confirmed 10 times lol. Even the offial TVTokyo site has confirmed it. oh, and Im terrebly sorry, for posting in the wrong section, can someone move.:confused:
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    NARUTO PART 2 VIDEO!! Only 19 secs, but that made my day woooooot!! Must WATCH!!
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    Naruto360 leaked conceptart.

    "Apparently Ubisoft slipped up and left a 2gb file open to download in their FTP site and some images of unannounced titles were in there including these from a upcomming Naruto game." Omg these concept art look amazing.... -Images Removed-
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    Bleach: Blade Battlers PS2(Aawsome!)

    Now this is must get game for all bleach fans, it has full 3d fighting system, and i quess alot of chars including BANKAI's. the system looks realy awsome, tho the game reminds just alittle of Naruto: Narutimate Hero series. But other than that it's a realy great game, i cant understand JAP...
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    Naruto M.U.G.E.N Game

    I see you discoverd my game that me and my friends made :) glad to see ppl still ahving fun with it, we plan to realease a Full version end of this year sometime. here are some pics,vids: Early Trailer: UPDATE NEW SELECT SCREEN WIP! 2.New...
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    M.U.G.E.N & Other Related to it

    I have a little Naruto Mugen Project: Link 1: over 10k dloads :P Link 2 : Enjoy.
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    Nice POTW!. But is it just me, or is Namek having a Farm down there? :]
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    My 1st complete model......

    Faints!* This is truly the best model in this forum ever showed.
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    Close Your Eyes! Sharingan!

    Oh yea it is, it's over 200. Well thats sad :( *removes from his sig*
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    Close Your Eyes! Sharingan!

    Newest sig, it isnt nothing special, but the effects on the sig maybey make it abit cooler. Rate 1-10 C&C are welcome... :))
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    New POTW ESF-World.

    Yeah my bad sry about that. Btw chakra-x she doesnt have that flat ass ;) Edit: Makes me wonder what pose does she have, powercharge? o_O.
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    New POTW ESF-World.

    I <3 it.