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  1. frsrblch

    Yahtzee! It's that awesome time of week again! The ending on this one is ****ing amazing.
  2. frsrblch

    Guitar Rising

    Whoa, this looks like the coolest idea for a game I have seen in years. It's basically Guitar Hero meets reality. Finally, all those hours you spend playing these games will actually be spent learning how to play a real guitar.
  3. frsrblch

    ModDB 2007 Mod of the Year Awards Looks like I have some downloading to do.
  4. frsrblch

    Crysis Singleplayer Demo;8895696;/fileinfo.html It's been out for a couple days now, and I've been playing away at it. I'm running it at a mere 1024x768 so I can do high settings with a smooth frame rate, and the visuals are simply stunning. The game crashes when I try to...
  5. frsrblch

    Zero Punctuation does The Orange Box

    This guy makes my Wednesdays bearable.
  6. frsrblch

    Oh, the humanity! This is a dark day my friends. A dark day indeed.
  7. frsrblch

    24 songs? That'll be $222,000, please.

    Somebody, anybody, tell me that justice has been served here. I don't doubt that she downloaded the songs, but does the punishment fit the crime here? You can kill and end up better off than this woman. Having done the math: I owe...
  8. frsrblch

    Where does money come from?

    It's really quite an important question, but not something most people even think about. I'll save you the long winded summary, but this is a video about our world banking system. This is one of those eye opening videos... it was on Digg, and it's kind of a big deal so I thought I'd share...
  9. frsrblch

    $1 US = $1 CDN

    Well folks, it has happened. For the first time in 31 years (for a moment) one Canadian dollar would buy you one American dollar. Right now we're down to 0.998683 USD, but for one shining moment we had parity...
  10. frsrblch

    The iPhone is a piece of **** and so is your face

    Flawless victory.
  11. frsrblch

    MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! (Transformers bishes!)

    Holy ****, was that movie awesome. It was everything I hoped it to be... explosions, big robots, and plenty of Optimus Prime kicking ass. I think I'm still too blown away to make any coherent comments, so I'll do that tomorrow.
  12. frsrblch

    Happy Birthday Canada!

    Yur 140! :p Okay, let's see... beer, check... Canada rugby jersey, check... alright, let the fireworks and drinking commence! And if my alarm had actually woken me up this morning, I could have gone for free pancakes too...
  13. frsrblch

    Zeitgeist the Movie Someone please help me... I feel cold.
  14. frsrblch

    A good read for anybody thinking of buying a new computer... An interesting comparison of three systems that shows us the cost/reward of buying computers of varying speed. There's also a bonus bit at the back that's certainly worth reading for us "budget gamers".
  15. frsrblch

    DX10 - Any good?

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried out DX10 yet. I have my computer set-up to dual-boot XP and Vista (/brag), and it looks like all I'll be using Vista for is DX10, because I'm really not an instant fan of the flashier interface. CoH just had a patch for it, and Call of Juarez gets a...
  16. frsrblch

    DVD-RW not erasing?

    I was trying out my new DRD writer on some DVD-RW discs, and although the computer writes onto them alright, when I go to erase them, I get a message telling me that they aren't rewritable. I also tried to erase a CD RW I have laying around, and I got the same error. I check to make sure there...
  17. frsrblch

    Help bypassing work censorware?

    Yeah, we've got a filter here at work, and it's irritating me. I've deduced that it is St Bernard iPrism. I've found a program, psiphon, that is supposedly able to bypass it, but installing stuff on these computers might not be entirely appreciated by the IT dept... do any of you know how I...
  18. frsrblch

    Nothing major... ITS ONLY STARCRAFT 2!!
  19. frsrblch

    Building a computer... finally.

    Well, now that I have a job (and I'll be able to pay for most of this in the next 7 days work), I think it's high time to replace this old Dell of mine. This time around, I'm going to build it myself. I'm operating around $2000 CDN (give or take) budget for this. I know we have some local...
  20. frsrblch

    3D Sound Immersion Really neat flash. 3D sound from headphones! Seriously, my 5.1 doesn't come close to how good this sounds.