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  1. bapplebo

    What will you choose?

    Games yay! Basically, its X or Y, where X and Y are of the same general item, but different brands. I post one, you answer it, then you ask another one, and it goes on and on. For example: Coke or Pepsi? Ford or Holden? nVIDIA or ATi? You can compare specific stuff too, like: Cherry Coke or...
  2. bapplebo

    How long does it take to repair Windows?

    .. by booting from the CD? Mine is apparently stalled at 34 minutes remaining. On top of that, if it does stall for too long (say 3-5 hours), what is the best course of action to take?
  3. bapplebo

    Neverwinter Nights 2

    Having a blast so far, but too bad my system isn't up to spec :[ I also hear that there a numerous performance issues, with insane systems getting 5fps even on Medium settings. Gladly, I haven't had any of these issues. My main problem was the camera, but a little tweak fixed that. Post your...
  4. bapplebo

    The Future Of Gaming?

    There's a brick wall coming, and its the wall of graphics. With the way we're going now, during the next decade or so we will have almost photo-real graphics, which cannot be advanced any further. So what else is there? MASSIVE Online Multiplayer. I mean, imagine Battlefield 2142, or Enemy...
  5. bapplebo

    What are you downloading?

    In accordance to the "What are you drinking?" thread. I'm downloading mods for KoTOR.
  6. bapplebo

    Gothic 3 on Friday

    Hopefully it'll be less of a disappointment than Oblivion. Gothic 3
  7. bapplebo

    Company of Heroes - 14th of September

    I dont know about you people, but I am eargely awaiting the release of this game. It has been a blast so far, and I love the fact that micromanagement isnt as intense as in DoW. The new demo has came out, and now everybody can have play it. The skirmish map is a little weak in my opinion, but...
  8. bapplebo

    /sysinfo shows memory is at 1007mb...

    But i have a total of 1024mb. Is there a way to get those extra 17mb back? I want to play the CoH demooo
  9. bapplebo

    Post your Guild Wars screens!

    LIKE OMG POST THEM FGTS These are old, but i might get some new ones later.
  10. bapplebo

    School Radio

    So, we had to make our own radio show for school, since we're learning about the media. And here is ours (im the one that sounds English)
  11. bapplebo

    Well... $~110 to destroy on games.

    Birthday party r get me $170. $60+ is going to RAM. So i have $~110 to kill on games. Games I want to get: Day of Defeat: Source Guild Wars (any, doesn't matter lol) Which one would you recommend mostly? I like teamwork, but I also want something that will last me a while. Joining a clan in...
  12. bapplebo

    Prank Calls
  13. bapplebo

    Need some help with Pelt Mapping

    Okay, so I got the basics done. My problem now is going from Edit Pelt to Edit UVW. Such as, after I have finished stretching, i press the Red X. Then, when I try to do anything to it, such as move / scale / rotate, it fails. As in, will not let me do anything.
  14. bapplebo

    YOU LOOK LIKE <insert> OMG

    Ok. Post if you know a guy from these forums that looks like someone else. Cap J looks like John Frusciante (lead guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) gogogo
  15. bapplebo


    Winter here in the Tusken Raider homeland, so yeah.... Gonna make the other seasons too. When its their turn.
  16. bapplebo

    General Bass Playing

    Felt inspired by Hash's video to post something less dirty and more noob. Try to enjoy, i know it's lame, but I have a headache and i couldn't be bothered getting my pick out for certain songs. Also played some guitar solos. i think, can't remember.
  17. bapplebo

    Brainteasers ! Gogogo.
  18. bapplebo


    Fender Precision Bass with custom body and knobs. Yay for ****ty phone cameras.
  19. bapplebo

    Full Metal Panic! - IMO best anime

    Posting this thread has made my non-otaku-ness forfeit. So, I just finished watching the whole FMP series. And, it is the most touching thing I have ever watched, in my entire life. The characters, settings, they all seem so believable. And I would write more, but my breath has been literally...
  20. bapplebo

    Horror finished.

    Your typical end-boss of a Japanese RPG. I had a great time making this, and I learnt lots about skinning and rigging too.