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    Bit late but whatever :)

    Just had a thought about SSJ3. Instead of Pressing Z to transform from SSJ2>SSJ3 can you make it like a Kaioken Charge? So you transform to SSJ2, select SSJ3 as a "Special Attack" and just hold left click while the bar fills up? and for each section of the bar causes gokus hair to extend...
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    map size

    Is it possible to limit the map size/boundries in Esf Final before creating a server? Id like to know if it was an easy thing to set up or not? Would it also be beneficial to people with low end pcs who do not have the ram power, gpu or processing speed to generate that much terrain and...
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    who would win?

    Goku vs Luffy (one piece)
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    Anime Chosen: Hellsing Ultimate Audio Chosen: Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween This 20 second clip that i am about to link you is ONLY an example of how the audio is going to mix with this specific video! No progress has been made yet, Im going to start now! I shall keep you posted...
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    Does anyone play this? I bought the game yesterday and i'm more than impressed with the visuals and gameplay. It's an Early access game but don't let that put you off :) You start off in a floating escape pod which contains a fabricator (crafting bench) and a storage container where its...
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    Universal Tournament + SSGSS Renamed

    In Dragon Ball Super, things are heating up! Every week, there is a new episode that airs in Japan and every month there is a new manga chapter that gets released. The first four chapters in the manga previewed events the month before they happened in the anime, but the latest chapter seems to...
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    This is how it should look like AMX MOD X MENU 1.kick player 2.ban player 3.slap/slay player player 5.changelevel for maps 7.speech stuff 8.client commands This works fine with my original esf but since ive had ecx installed all i get is this.. AMX MOD X MENU #.kick player...
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    Frieza's New Form!

    Any thoughts? Personally i was expecting a whole new look, this looks more like a colour change. To be fair though Goku's God form was also more of a colour change.. --- edit --- Someone...
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    Questions about 1.3

    Forgive my stupidity if the answers are obvious. -Will ESF 1.3 allow us to create LAN servers? -Will there be a Bot system like in 1.2? -Recommended Hardware to run the game decently? -Can the graphics settings be altered in game for slower running Devices? (low, medium, high) -Do...
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    1.3 Chat system

    Could be wrong but i dont think its a big ask tbh. When typing you get a speech bubble icon above your head to let other players know when you are typing? Quite handy to have i think. :D
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    Hosting a server

    Does anybody know what site i can use to buy my own server for esf? I want a 24/7 public server with my esf and ecx files installed on it. I have no idea where to start so the question is hard to ask because i cant word it properly lol.
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    Tutorial / Getting started

    The title more or less says it all really.. To keep this short and simple.. Ive wondered if some sort of small game mode was implemented into the final version of esf 1.3 like a "getting started" or "learn the basics" Version 1 The server loads up (must be private) and the player is...
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    Esf 1.3 Harlem Shake?

    Just a suggestion to the devs! I know the harlem shake thing is getting old now.. Make an esf 1.3 one? :) Could be good publicity aswell
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    Corona-Bytes Team??

    Just a random shout out to the old EVM and ECX team! I miss you guys lol. Also wanted to find out how many of you are on these forums also? :) Old Nick - SSJ4Gogeta Would appreciate it if you could put your old usernames on here also :) Bye!
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    Hey guys, this was supposed to be a reply on a thread i thought existed, but anyway i was wondering is MOTY can actually have esf 1.3 nominated as it is still a work in progress? its not public at all yet so what are moty basing these results on?...yes of course we all have nominated it to be...
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    Too late for suggestions?

    I have no idea how far through the development of ESF Final is or how long is left before the release but i have a couple of ideas for 1.3 if its not too late to implement them if they are worthy of use. You guys may already have it in the game. Ive been watching DBZ for a long time now and i...
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    Body training

    Hey guys, its Alex here. Ive posted this thread because i want opinions on how i should go about training my body to gain definition on the build i currently have. I work in a nightclub and i work with guys who have absolutely amazing bodies, im not jealous...i just feel left out.. Ive been...
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    You know how in the series the z fighters could detect eachothers ki, not only how big it was but also who it was? Well i think its cool how we can spot eachother on the scouters we have on esf 1.2.3 But can we get it a bit more specific? like colour co-ordinate the red (enemy blocks) to Orange...
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    Character selection taunt?

    I dont know what its called, but have you seen in budokai games when the fight starts after the map has loaded and you and your opponent make a statement before the fight starts e.g Goku: alright! lets do this! Vegeta: Ive been waiting for this kakarot! On the esf Updates you guys posted...
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    Hey guys, dont know if this is the right section to post this in but its Help And support right? Ok ive been playing Esf for the past 4-5 years and my skills are getting a bit rusty.. Im looking for a teacher to train me :) In game name: Core - G | Alex Server Location : Europe