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  1. Grega

    Its that time again. Time for "Who would win?"

    OK im bored. Can you see how bored I am? Bored enough to do this little gem again. Rules are simple. Each post pits 2 characters against each other. They can be from any game, anime, movie or even real life. Just make sure they are sifficiently famous so people actually know them. The next post...
  2. Grega

    Aldnoah Zero

    So anyone watching this? Cause each ep is just a new level of awesome.
  3. Grega

    [Old PotW] As Promissed POTW

    A quick look at the current CSS. Its not really final so it can still change round in the future, and yes the Easter Egg char is still there XD Was the only pic i could take without subjecting you to nasty GFX errors, which are also to blame for the shitty FPS.
  4. Grega

    Dear ESF community

    Recently we have had a security issue within the site and forums. As a result we have had a leak and your accounts may have been compromised. We urge you to not share the video, ignore any files said user may give you, since they may contain a virus or other malicious software, and change the...
  5. Grega

    Youtube rant

    OK this is starting to slowly piss me off :s So i was trying to check my youtube inbox because i got a mail saying i have a message (reply to one of my comments). So i go to youtube only to find there is no way to access the inbox. While im lucky enough to have the link in my browsing...
  6. Grega

    Merry Christmas

    Every year ModDB hosts the Mod of the Year (MOTY) competition, where the fans and ModDB editors get to choose the best mods in several categories. Like the previous year, Earth's Special Forces took part in the 'Upcoming Mods' category and with the support from our fans, we managed to...
  7. Grega

    initial d stage 5

    So it started to air last week. Anyone following it? Personally I liked the art style of stage 4 better, but I'm happy to see it continue. Not to mention listen to more of its music XD
  8. Grega

    Because im bored

    Remember the POTW? Yea this one. There is a bug in it. Yes i still took it regardless. Now lets play spot the bug. First person to find it gets an e-cookie.
  9. Grega

    Black March 2012

    A new protest against the recent internet regulation laws and so on. Basically for 1 month no buying movies, music, games and also no downloading of it as a boycott protest against the people trying to push for such bills. The official site: And a video that...
  10. Grega

    SOPA? Ok i only read about this on the ZEQ2 forums. But give me some opinions here. What do you guys think of SOPA and will it be as bad as people say?
  11. Grega

    Hunter X Hunter 2011

    They are remaking the series it would seem. Ep 1 is out already and its flying though the story. So it kinda smells like FMA Brotherhood. And im loving it XD And best of all, they are not pulloing a DB:Kai with cuts, instead they are actually remaking the series :p
  12. Grega

    Trying to remember a game title

    This one is REALLY old. It was a commandos style game and i only played the demo back before 2002 ^^ The story of the demo was something like this: You just got out of jail and wanted to get some cash, so you decide to rob a bank. That first level you pretty much have to scout out the bank...
  13. Grega

    DB Kai the return O.o

    So it seems part 98 just got released and they are actually going to stick with the other world tournament filler for part 99 it would seem from the preview. So yea seems like Kai will be doing Buu saga after all.
  14. Grega

    Blade O.o

    OK so first we had an Iron Man anime. After that we got Wolverine (Movie version) What followed was X-Men (comic version from waht i could tell) And the newest anime creation with US origins is Blade it would seem. The first ep was kinda a mixture of feelings honestly. Now im no blade...
  15. Grega

    The avatar of death celebrates

    Happy B-Day MY May your scythe cleave the mods into submission XD
  16. Grega

    Guess who just turned 24

    # Raven (24) Happy birthday coder man :p
  17. Grega

    Iron Man Anime

    First ep is out. And while Tony doesnt have the same feel to him as in the cartoon, i must say it doesnt seem bad at all. Then again i can see fanboys screaming the opposite. Your thoughts?
  18. Grega

    OK im at the end of my rope

    After reinstalling Windows 7 when i upgraded to a 64bit CPU im facing a little problem that i can not fix. Now i got a really old sound card plugged into my PCI slot. And when i was using the 32 bit version of Win 7 i simply installed the drivers and it worked. I got some drovers for Win...
  19. Grega

    The triceratops never existed

    Source: Just something i picked up on the RVB site. Discuss.
  20. Grega

    News update: Aug 2 2010 - blend animations

    Two new systems have been developed that will allow ESF to have smoother animations; vertex weights and animation blends. Vertex Weights: Allows a vertex to be influenced by one or more bones. By assigning a percent value to each "weight" the system determines how much a vertex is...