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    Are you in the Florida area?

    OCALA FLORIDA AND SORROUNDING AREAS!!! Hosted By: Josh, Tony, & Carlos Santana When: Saturday Jun 30, 2007 at 8:00 PM Where: KnK Concert Hall Ocala, FL 34479 United States Description: Josh, manager of KnK Concert Hall presents Ocala with the Human Piff Tour staring Carlos...
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    Ok, since you ESF'ers know so much...

    If I was to take a leak during a thunderstorm, will lightning travel thru my toilet... up my pee... and shock me at the u know what? O_o
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    Is sex really important in a relationship?

    - Heh, Yup....... :rolleyes:
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    Stupid un-important thread that gives us sumtin else to reply to durin the day moment

    Hmmm... have you ever had those days of waking up when you just can't... wake up? Like you find yourself dreaming about something, and while in that state of mind, you realize that you're asleep, but you can't spark that energy to wake up? Sometimes I find myself waking up into another dream...
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    Paypal Help

    Hola mi amigos, long time no chat. Hey, I was just comming along to ask if there was a way to route PayPal to my Myspace account so that I can sell my mixtape online... meaning, like, once they bought the cd, they can be directed to a link to download the product. I hope yall understand what I'm...
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    like it? i made it myself...

    i know its basic but... its something i guess right?
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    The Game... Returns!!!

    Welp, I decided to use your idea lol... anywayz teh games simple... users may add "1" object at a time to the image untill the image is full... make it interesting! here it is!
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    Streetcar fans?

    Hey, I just recently bought a 1998 Hyundai Accent hoping I can turn it into a street car. "I currently have a 1999 Honda Civic which I bought for 7500 but all the street/custom parts was already built in." But my question is, anyone know any good websites for ground kits, tail/head lights...
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    ESF Riddles Game (revived)

    You all should know how this game plays out. Someone posts a riddle and the next poster replies with the answer to the riddle and one of his own. This one is pretty old but is one of my favorites: What is greater than god, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if...
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    Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 (update)

    Starting with Graphics: This year's Smackdown game has improved greatly from it's predocessor. It's only in it's pre-alpha build, and it's already tooken a big step, or should I say gigantic leap from last years version. I would start off by saying, the visual graphics are impressive as can get...
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    naruto hits toonami

    this may be old news to most of you, but i "just" found out that Naruto will air on Toonami on Sept. 10th. I couldn't find any previews of teh show, or any video clips so I don't know how the translation is, but i hope its good or I'm sticking to the japanese scripts.
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    omigawd pwned!

    gawt bored, twied tu make a funneh. teh gun n alyx be fwom half-deadTEW! and teh muneh shotted zombie and bg be from dewm3. dis wuh welly happenz when dewm and half-deadTEW meetz! *edit* which is better? animated or non animated non animated: animated:
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    Mouse Problems (on-screen)

    My mouse cursor jumps positions on the screen randomly at times. Like, I can be moving it left, then it all of a sudden pops back up at the right side of the screen. Sometimes the mousewheel will do it's own thing and scroll to the bottom of a webpage. Or, if I'm in a PC Game which is a first...
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    Heh, I was chyllin when me and a friend from the apartment room two doors down was chatting and overcame this hybrid website... then all of a sudden i've became facinated with hybrids (mabye because their unique and not an everyday type of thing.) one in particular has caught my attention...
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    My first sims 2 video!

    Hey all, I bring forth my first video ever created using the sims 2/movie maker. It is a video of me and my two other friends that I rap with, forming a group called "Virginia Landlordz" or just (V.A.L). I'm the second one to rap on the track. 1st Rapper: Incite (Red shirt, black pants)...
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    Video Card Question

    Welp, I'm not big on the computer thing (as you can tell since this is my 8437597497545793475974th question thread.) Moving on, I have a question. I recently bought a nvidia GeForce 6600 GT 256MB DDr along with 512MB Ram Upgrade block (comming in the mail soon), will it handle well with my...
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    meh another annoying non-profit orginization comes about I think it's complete bullcrap, we have our freedom of speech, and kids will just hear it in the streets anywayz
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    Question for Musicians (In terms of recording equipment)

    (Click the provided links to see the products) Alright, I'm trying to update the equipment to my "home studio" and I stumbled across a situation. I've found a MICROPHONE CABLE that is pc compatable and can be directly inputed. But I want to know if the Behringer B1 microphone I'm purchasing is...
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    IT'S ON!!!!!

    Heh, guys it's on. MTV's Xbox 360 revealed. It's 15 minutes into the show *sorry im late* but some titles don't look too different from the original xbox system. But the New madden is looking Overly impressive. In depth look at the new generation of gaming is on, and you should turn and watch it.
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    Naruto 134: The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears

    Well, the sub is fresh out the oven, and man, what an ending. spoiler [highlight to read] WOOT! WHO DA MAN! GOOO SAUCEKEH! Due to reading the manga, I already knew teh conclusion though.