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    Haven't made a sig in awhile...

    but what do you think of this one? I know, shes wearing clothes...but whate'er.
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    New sigs needin some comments

    Been swamped lately with sig requests, I made a few I wanna show off. Some of them were rushed but some rn't that bad. I not needin CRITZ but if you see somethin i could improve on, say somethin. I'm all for improvement.
  3. K

    Sig Competition results + Vote

    Please vote for which one you like the best. Please, this is not a popularity vote. You have one week. (there are six bcuz there was a tie)
  4. K

    New Sig

    I know I know, the sig comp is takin awhile. Just waitin for all the judges to send in the choices. But in the meanwhile, check out this!! Edit: Which is better? #1 or #2?
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    New BG

    Just bored. Kinda added some stuff together. Used a bit from an Old BG and added it better ect.
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    Kinda stuck on grunge

    This is directed towardsTim, but if any of you other grunge makers can help i'd love some input. I've been making a sig tonight, and it's not turing out. I need a hand on what i'm missin.g I'll show a few of the things i've done. what am I missing??? I need a hand
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    My new sig

    makin sure I can still do things old skool. Just testing my old style.
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    Sig competition *revised*

    I am hosting a sig competition. There are currently 4 judges. Naz, Tim, Hsu and Myself. The rules are as follows: -Due Date: april 12 (Saturday) -Size restrictions: 450x175 MAX, no min -Only one sig entered per person -Post final work here, you may edit it as much as you want between...
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    Worked out the font!!

    I think i found a good font for the sig. What you think? Old: New:
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    Need Help

    Which sig is better? or my current one? Edit: Ahhh, i dun like that too much. BRB, gonna fix it. May as well crit it if u like Edit 2: Ok, I've got 4 to pick, current or new #1 or new #2?
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    Sig Competition...

    I am hosting a sig competition. I will be out of town until thursday so I suggest that you can take the time to think up ideas ect. There will be a few rules. And I need a few things. I need 3 judges. I will be a judge (thus I can't enter) and I am asking Naz, Tim, and Lightscream to be the...
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    I had some good critz on this one, what do you guys think? Better than my other one?
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    What happened here!!

    Frick! I used to come here and get critz on my work. Now I come here and i post work and all i ever get is either: A) WoOt!! Thats wicked awesome, you're my hero ect. ect. ect... B) That sucks, maybe you should curl up in a ball and die C) response at all... Where the heck is...
  14. K

    New siggy for me!

    What you guys think?
  15. K

    New background

    What you think?
  16. K


    Mesa made a good one me thinks!
  17. K

    My new sig

    Which is better? or
  18. K

    Need critz on a new sig

    A new style i fooled around with. A little bigger than i normally make em, u guyz like?
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    Lookin for some critz

    Just fooled around a bit for 5 mins. What u think?
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    My new sig for someone

    You like? Any critz? No animation cause i lazy