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    MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! (Transformers bishes!)

    Well, here we go. Some spoilers: The good: - Awesome special effects. The transformations and the robots looked awesome. - Meagan Fox is hot - Shia Leobuf brought some great comedy to the movie that I really wasnt expecting. - Bumblebee brought a lot of comedy as well (especially...
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    The last time you were blown away by a game?

    Last game to blow me away was Final Fantasy X. The intro was like :shocked: The first game to blow me away was Mario 64 It was the first time I had played a 3d game. I was young and only had a sega. It was in a Toys R' Us and I remember I was outside the castle and kept trying to run up...
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    Perfect Cell SDK

    Im definetly gonna take a shot at skinning this, it looks really nice =D
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    Mr.Perfect ^^ WIP

    *pst* make it a sdk *pst* I didnt say anything... Looks awesome though really good proportions and poly flow.
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    Goku-Finaly almost finished

    my drawover. Just my opinion on what I would fix. Lift the vertexs in the area i pointed out on the hair.
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    Is there anyone that still hasn't watched all of DBZ here?

    Ive only seen a couple eps of android saga-cell saga. Ive seen frieza saga like 3 times and buu saga once. I never saw the saiyan saga either. There was one summer I watched all of the Freiza saga thinking the cell saga would be next, but instead they restarted it again. I was so pissed.
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    Konoha MAP (another one)

    Pretty cool, but its missing some stuff. You shoulda made some more buildings that represented Konoha places like the Ramen Shop, the acedemy and the chuunin exam arena. Nice and big though, which is good :D
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    Scientists Create Chimera

    hmm.. Its NINA!! No nina! (Fma, anyone?) But really, dont really agree with this if its true. Anything with clones or fusing a human with an animal is kind of wierd. Image the pain that sheep might be feeling? Plus that means to make this, a human died (I think..) Still, sounds wrong.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Ill be a namek.. Regen ftw!
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    Yea, looks great so far. But id do the same as the dude above me said, make the red dots a little less blurry. Id make the bake lines bigger too, you should be able to see them at a angle. Last, hes arms/ears bother me for some reason. His ears werent really ^ points, they were more ^...
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    A football player!! =O

    The pads in helmes can differ. My old helmet only had 10 pads. And the facemask is like that b/c its actually the guy on the left fasemask. Theres a lot of diff fasemasks. Ill try to get a picture later.
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    With the skin on he looks fine. Maybe it was just the angle that made him look bigger.. I dunno. You gonna do a realism skin or just cell-shaded?
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    Looks cool :D Hes just a little too fat. Pika was hefty, but maybe not THAT hefty. I could be wrong though, I only really played the games.
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    A football player!! =O

    Well, started making a high-poly football player. Im gonna start doin some work in 3dsm with this too. Its not quite the most Poly-flow sound model ive ever done, but its diff from anything ive ever done b4 and I wanted to try something new. Heres the helmet and refs: refs: Crits?
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    360 view of Mars

    This is prob a dumb question, but did anyone ever actually land on mars? I dont think so, but I noticed something interesting.
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    Kakashi WIP

    I use 512x512 But I dont get what you mean.. O_o
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    Kakashi WIP

    I like the darker look.. :D I even fixed the little wraps on his ankles for u >_> ;)
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    Kakashi WIP

    Weekend and I did some work on it. Here it is
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    Kakashi WIP

    The pouch and the kunai bag I can fix, the swirlyness of the back im not to sure about O_o... The side of the face is hard because of a rather bad map that im trying to fix and am having no luck. Maybe eventually ill try it again. and the color i can fix easy too