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    Dragonball Z: RPG - Msn Messenger

    I just astiblished an RPG yesterday... And im looking for members... :) NEW URL^^^^^^
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    Sig, By SwordMaster

    anyways devers closed my last thread because i add'et it in offtopic, well at the text to off-topic it says: "Off-Topic Come here to talk about anything NOT related to Earth's Special Forces. This is where you can test your sigs, and do other miscellaneous things." doesent that mean that...
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    My New Sig - By Myself

    Heres my first siggy, made by meself... :D What you guys think? Please give some kind of responce of what you think of it :) Im n00b at GFX so, dont be to hard on me :fight:
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    Cartoonish Krillin Skin

    Well I made a Cartoonish skin of krillin, cause i thought that it could be cool... you know the look from the color to shadow etc... not the high GFX as the normal skin is, but i think its funny, lol tell me what you think ^_^ Be soft, its my first skin....... tell me...
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    This Picture...

    Yea okay looks very c00l BUT: 1 ) Vegeta is flying.. but if you look at his feet... it looks like he is standing on the air.. the feat shouldent look like that... their feet should hang a little more down.. i think that would look more realistic.. but i know they (stand on air) in the...
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    The New Vegeta Skin/Model

    Theres something on the model that isent looking right.. when you look at vegeta from the side... the hair looks funny.. it doesent look like the hair in the series.. (BTW...vegeta's hair should stand up EVEN more when he turns SSJ) well doesent matter really, but i just wanted to say...
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    What Wallpaper do you guys use? Well, i use this one, its from "Warcraft III" What do you think about it?
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    New Leader Of -{[v]SC}-

    Well i have taken over the -{[v]SC}- and ill move it to my own site..... 4xMega-saiyajin is to busy with all, so he cant ceep the clan up, thats why I am taking over the -{[v]SC}- clan..... I will have the design to the -{[v]SC}- clan up at: lets say: 7/1/02 Well If people wants to talk...
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    When are you going to remake the forum? pictures, colors and all...? I dont know if there was a thread about this b4, but i couldent find one...!! So....arent you going to put the old design on it again? I liked it..:p
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    Funny Vegeta Picture...

    Well i edited a picture of vegeta, i dident use much time to make it, took about 2 mins to make.... But here it is: Give marks what you think of this funny picture, lol, vegeta without hair!!! .....Remember i just edited
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    Funny Lines

    anybody got some funny lines like these: Surpreme Kia: " Follow the yellow brick road, follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road. Were off to see the wizard. The wonderful Wizard Babadi!" Goten: "Whats a wizard?" Chibi Trunks: "A wizard is...a uhh...
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    Fan Fiction To mY Site

    Okey as some of you knows.....i shutted down ma' RPG, it needs more testing, but all the characters taken will remain untill i Revive it.. Well now im making a information site only...... And if anybody has some Fan Art / Fan Fiction....... Then post it, or send it to my e-mail...
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    Rpg, Online...!!

    Well im making a RPG on my website, and its gonna be fininshed in about a week.....!! So if anybody wants to join, then post here...... Or cantact me on ICQ: 152561175...... I Hope that the RPG will be great ...... But i only need more members.....!! - You can make your own Character...
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    Avator Forum Bug

    yea........ I know that there is some avators, but you CANT paste you own avator anymore, from your computer or a website!!! I got really pi$$ed....... I deleted ma old one, becouse i wanted to change the avator!!! GET THIS FIXED.....!!
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    what smiley to keep under sig?

    Yea... I got these 5 smileys under mma' sig. Which one should i keep?
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    Anyone got this channel on your TV?

    yeah the channels called "RTL2"..... Anybody got it....... theres DBZ now....cell saga......"gohan ssj2 VS cell"
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    just see this flash....funny

    Let him speak out, okey......if not, then he wont be funny!!!
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    Are you a boy or a girl?

    Just wanna know.....:p Myself.....i'm a Boy!
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    well, i have tryied to make maps on worldcraft, But I dont get anything on the map when I am finish..... Maybe just Filled with bugs, I mislike it..... well, just forget it :\
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    Windows ?

    What do YOU like best?? Sorry about that MI thing.... EVERYONE I MEAN "Windows ME"