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    A football player!! =O

    Well, started making a high-poly football player. Im gonna start doin some work in 3dsm with this too. Its not quite the most Poly-flow sound model ive ever done, but its diff from anything ive ever done b4 and I wanted to try something new. Heres the helmet and refs: refs: Crits?
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    Kakashi WIP

    If I could make some pretty renders for u guys i would XD Ill try to get some better pics up later. Well, anyway im still tweaking the hair, its a little to straight up, im trying to make it go more the right. Didnt color the polys for his mask cause i got lazy.. Just started...
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    So whos camping for ps3/wii?

    Simple question. I didnt pre-order it because where I live, it sold out in 15 mins and I had classes :P And no luck online either.. So, im camping out at Target saturday night. Getting there at about 8pm, staying there overnight, and hopefully get a wii. How about all of you?
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    Final Fantasy XII

    If you havent realized yet.. It comes out TOMMOROW!!! wooo I cant wait for it. It looks like a great game. lil Trailer from youtube: I pre-ordered it a while ago and will be playing it tommorow :D Whos pumped for this game?
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    Naruto wip

    UPDATE* Can someone please help me with assaigning him. I cant ;-/. PLEASE pm me D:
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    Yeah.. it looks really cool actually. There making Pristontale 1 free again btw. itll be at E3
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    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)

    Anyone get this game? Im close to gettin this game. I was waiting for Untold legends 2, but some previews make it look just like the 1st. It looks almost as like a splinter cell. IGN says its the Halo of PSP, which sounds pretty sick. 9.3 from ign 8.8 from Gamespot 5/5 from Gamespy...
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    So whos gonna win the Superbowl?

    Now that we know whos playing, whos gonna win? Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Poll will end Febuary 5th
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    dragonquest sig

    made a new sig, the girl in the sig is Jessica from dragonquest VIII. Critz?
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    ??? model.. for ESF?

    Well.. I recently had a problem with my ms3d and it crashes when you save. So, I went over to my aunts house across the street, and tried it there. I opened up ms3d, and everything seemed fine. I started playing around, and found this model. It must of been something I did a while ago. I redid...
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    quicktime problem

    I was watching a video in quicktime, and a green screen comes up while ure watching. You can still here audio. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Dragonquest VIII

    I saw a thread on it couple weeks ago, but that was before christmas and everyone bought it XD, plus the thread was basically dead. Anyway, I got this on Christmas eve and let it lay around on my desk. Today at around noon, I popped it in. All I must say, is wow. Its really good. Voices are...
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    Naruto skin

    I found this SDK on polycount, and did a lil thing.. Model by poopinmymouth just crit skin i guess
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    NFL part 2

    So.. there was a thread earlier, but it died out. Now its about 7 weeks later and its starting to turn into the real football season. And now.. I will brag to all those people who sent me PM's saying my G-men suck. First.. Falcons: 7-5 right now, have 3 1st place teams coming up, there 9-7...
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    Kingdom of Paradis (PSP)

    So how many of you have/tried this game? Im goin away on a trip and im gonna go rent something for my psp. It looks rather good from the videos I saw on IGN. 8.0 from Gamespot. Ill prob get it, but any opinions on this? looks like the best rpg for PSP
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    Some IE problem

    I know your all gonna say "GET MOZZILA" I have it, but I have IE too. ANd I get this: the instruction at "0x7c9105f8" referenced memory at "0x02020010". The memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the program Anyone know a solution?
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    ESF 1.3 Skeletons

    I was just thinking about something, and I have no idea when 1.3 will be released, but will they do what they did last time (atleast I think they did this, long time ago) and release the skeletons b4 the release? It would be great for people converting models/assigning since the skeletons...
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    Ps3 Delayed not 100% sure, but, yeah.
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    Football Thief O_o I was watching football today.. and this happened.. I just find it funny XD ITS 100% REAL
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    Too much CS source....

    WARNING-Bad language :o friend sent it to me.. Everyone knows u run faster with a knife.