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    how to make non mirrored skins

    looking at all the battel damege skins that have been made there all mirrored and it bugs me, when there is a very simple and quick answer so i have made a little tutorial, its kinda lame and youll have a hard time if you dont have a clue about milkshape. so here's the link, and sorry...
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    very simple suggestion(transformations)

    it just bugs me when you get to perfect transform level and you transform and it dosen play the power up sound (scream.wav) basiclly im asking to keep the sound even at perfect transform level, it just makes it seem like youve done somthing, and not just changed the models
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    Edited ESF gohan model

    ive made a few edits to the gohan model, one of the major edits is ive added more hair. take a look: of course credit to the team for this model and the amazing game they have produced im seeing if i can get it hosted at redsayain so if your intrested you can grab it there(but not yet)
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    Thank you thread

    i think now or when the beta is released there should be a sticky witch is just to thank, show your respect and congradulate the team on a job no doubt well done. oh and i see we finally broke 59 people on the forum at one time:D
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    MP3's BETA

    I herd ages ago that the new Mp3 player for esf will be able to import winamp playlists, does this mean we wont have to put the mp3's into the mp3 folder in the ESF directory? have any changes been made to the mp3 player for the beta? Thanks
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    Half-Life T.V

    Will ESF be able to use Half-life T.V? Because what with Earth league it would be pretty cool to watch the battle between the Best (points at P.C Joe)
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    My Goku....

    well i got milkshape so have started skinning my model and i finally got a picture host that i hope works so have a look... its no where near compleated the skin on the body is just so you can see what it...
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    gouping in gmax

    is there a simalar way to group things in gmax as in milkshape. basicly i have my model as one object at the moment but i want to put my skins on it, how can i group diffrent areas for skinning. i have tryed the 3dmax tutorial at POLYCOUNT but its diffrfent from gmax and i dont know how im...
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    ssj hair suggestion

    well now that the hair is animated, i was wondering what ssj hair would look like using the crome effect on the hair skin, like on the colt python .357 in half-life, so when it moves the texture is shiny just a thought...
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    My Goku Head

    im wondering if anyone can give me any idea's on how to improve my face Mesh, im just not happy with the face, but dont know what to do with it i know its messy, but poly count doesnt matter at this stage P.s the skin isent final
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    Starting a Martial Art? Info here..

    Some one PM'ed me about starting Martial arts classes and what to expect from them, i ended up sending it in 3 parts because i wrote so much so im not gonna let it go to waste, the ppl here can have a read, im not all singing, all dancing so dont go on a mission to catch me out on things if you...
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    maby goku, maby not

    some of you may have seen this i sepent about 3 days and changed the torso into this.. im kinda prowd to say that its my second model and im just as new to skinning (BTW the skin on the arms are only a temp) i aim to make this into a goku model, SSJ frieza saga goku the poly...
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    for the new website

    i think you should have dates next to the dev journals like the last site had so we can see when they get updated insted of having to search through them all, or do you have somthing else planned?
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    Ill be a nOOb and say...

    MY first model (well sorta) ive been messing with milkshape and then dicided to make a player model, ok theres no head but thats still to come, the skin has also been done by me and yes i know it needs work (and a belly button) im gonna fix the arms up because there pretty simple at the...
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    ESF sound pack 4

    i released this pack just before RSM went down but now its up you can get chance to get it and if you want a full list of whats on the pack then view THIS thread
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    partical system when firing beams

    i think that if youre on or close to the ground (say, equivlent to 10 meters) and you fire a beam the partical system that Pcjoe made should be implemented, just have a little dust and a few rocks sprayin behind the player in a cone shape like this only without it looking crappy :)...
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    Backflip animation

    this took me about two hours to make, i think its pretty good to say i only started playing with animation this week it looks much better in game because youre actually moving backwards where as in milkshape he kinda floats on the spot oh well, have fun ^_^...
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    Check in station W.I.P

    im (very slowly) working on a map for esf, its of the check in station, where you go when you die here is my refence photo: im still a noob to mapping so dont expect anything fancy, im thinking of making it scaled down because i think the...
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    ESF sound pack 4

    Well i have released my fourth ESF sound pack with yet agian more sounds, infact ive almost run out of sounds to change you can get the sound pack here if you think the japanese sounds suck and prefer the english sounds...
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    ESF sound pack4

    Well i have released my fourth ESF sound pack with yet agian more sounds, infact ive almost run out of sounds to change so if youre intrested use this link to get to the sound pack: if you think the japanese sounds suck...