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    HORRIBLE mouse lag

    So... I decided to come back and try ESF again, just for fun. See how everyone is doing, you know? Anyways, I join up and I notice my character takes literally 1-2 seconds after my mouse moves for my charecter to turn. I try hosting a server, 0 ping. Same thing. My comp can handle ESF...
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    DOD:Source vid made from a friend Turns out I'm an idiot and all he did was change the music. Regardless, I think it's still a cool video. I wasn't sure if this should go under video gaming or the videos thread, because it's a video on a video game. If it's in the wrong area, I...
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    First person spec improvment

    I think the title speaks for itself. As it is right now, you get to see what they see, but have no info on things such as ki, weapon selected, PL, etc. I think their personal HUD should show up when spectating them first person at least, if not in all modes. I realize it's nothing big...
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    So, how many people have heard of this game yet? If you've got HL2 and haven't had much success with mods for it yet, I highly suggest checking it out. ( Who'd have guessed :P) It's a very unique game. It's kind've like BF2 meets NS meets TFC meets FA. (Battlefield 2...
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    Subforum in the ESF league section for clan advertiesment

    Lets face it- the clan scene in this game is falling, and fast. Perhaps a way to fix it is an actual place to advertise new and growing clans. Clans supported by the community tend to last much longer, and there is no better place to start than the ESF forum. A larger influx of deticated...
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    Has insomnia hit you?

    So, it's 4:05 AM and I'm finding myself unable to sleep again. I am a mild insomniac, and find myself in this sort've situation more often than I'd like. But, that's not the point of this thread, merely just to explain what I am getting at. So, be it due to insomnia or other reasons...
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    NGE needs you!

    So, I'm sick of looking and failing when trying to find the last component to my computer, so I'm going to ask you all for help. I need a socket 478 PCI-E motherboard, such as the Albatron PX915P4C. If anyone could find me a similar board or product, please show me where. I've been looking...
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    BF2 or DOD:Source?

    What would be a better buy in your opinion, and why? ::EDIT:: Uh, didn't think that through when typing the poll. I don't know how to edit polls or if it's an option; would a mod please fix it at their convienence? Thanks.
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    Something to consider in terms of charecter balance

    If we take a look at every charecter, almost all of them have an instant attack. Goku, Cell, and Krillin all have the solar flare. Gohan's got the shield attack. Freiza has the fingerlaser, and Piccolo has the eyelaser. Buu has the candybeam. So, all them aside, Vegeta and Trunks are the...