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    Releasing ESF:F progress to facepunch forums?

    Hey, I was thinking maybe we schould make a thread on the facepunch forums, they got a section for valve games and mods. Home > Forum > Games > Valve Games and Mods I think this would a great way to get alot more players and so on :)
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    Push back / hard to transform (Just a suggestion)

    Hey, Getting killed: I was thinking, when you get killed there schould some kind of push back, when you die in 1.2.3 its just BOOM dead.. done... respawn(of course). But i was thinking more like a push back or something. Transforming: I think it schould be really hard to transform...
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    Am i the only one? o.O

    Who sits around all day after work sitting on the internet looking at ESF:F videos ? :D i might exaggerate a little bit, but.. am i the only one? :D
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    Open Beta not close to look like Final release?

    Am i right ? I have tried the open beta i cant even use melee? Only right click works.. And the graphics isnt nearly as good as in the final am i right? Just want to know so i dont get dissapointed when its realeased :) Other wise, NICE GAME ! Seriusly i CANT wait for this to release...