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    OK? NOW...
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    Summon red dragon?? HOW!

    Hi All i can summon the red dragon shenron...but after i choose moon i catch all the ball and how i can summon the red dragon? ( With goku)
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    Why i cant ssj4?

    Hi All i transform since the ssj3...why i can't trasform in ssj4??? pls !! have have power point
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    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
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    I Have installed but...

    Hi All i have installed esf...but when i launch the game and click create server say me starting local game server, after estabilishing network connection to server... and after return to the start logo...( create server find server) and when i do find server i can't find anyoe server...
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    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
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    Help I search the "xxx" File.

    Pls help this on the forum pls? why on rapidshare i can't download this file...pls help me!!
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    Server steam busy? How i can download?

    Hey i'm italian i want to download alf life first by i can do this? steam give me error of the server when i download half life!!!