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    What nonsense is this?!

    I don't get a Birthday thread? Don't you love me? :(
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    Damaged Notebook Case Fan.

    I know this much so far. The fan is putting out lower than normal output. It's still acceptable except in extreme situations, but will eventually give out and fail. When this happens I could easily overheat and permanently damage and/or destroy the machine and it's functionality. It's in a 3...
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    Insane PS3 commercial. If this doesn't scare you, you probably need therapy.
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    Ok so I was thinking...

    The premise of this thread is simple. You post a random thought you've had at the moment, on the spot when you open this thread, or anything else you've been thinking about during the day, or you can discuss another thought someone else posted. I realize the potential for spam this could have...
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    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

    Well the Demo came out today(on Fileplanet, and no I don't feel like linking it. And don't worry, everyone can get it.) nothing monumentally new, but the Tau seem to be an interesting race. Will be a good counterpart to the IG.. which I am eager to pit them against once the full product is in my...
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    Dream Thread

    I wonder how this will go down here.. BUt i'm sure we've all got some strange dreams... I'm out drinking with two friends in broad daylight, at some parking lot. We were acting like it was night, we were in thick clothes, must have been alaska. Well anyway we're tlaking about...
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    New Advances in Robot Technology.

    I love robotics, so I thought I'd make a thread where people post new articles on robotics. Checkit. Androids are amoung us.....just need a Postitronic Brain.
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    The Burning Hand

    Who wants a peice.
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    My new Sig Sucks....

    But I'm posting it anyway. EDIT: Added a Buttonized Border
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    Slipping Off

    This is some original Fiction I've been writing. It's still incomplete, but I give to you what I've written so far. Introduction: Sometimes Lady Luck buys a plane ticket and goes to Vegas for a few weeks, leaving you high and dry for awhile. But sometimes Lady Luck kicks you in the crotch...
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    I live.

    I lost internet for a little while following a move.....but...I'm back now. What I miss?
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    Favourite Tune from the 80s

    I have ALOT but the one I'm listening to right now is. Men without Hats - Safety Dance
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    Open Challenge for my Secondary.

    Getting back into the swing of things with the fight club again, being one of the first member when It was just a couple of threads in Off Topic. But now I'm back. Having two fighters, I decided it wouldn't hurt to have them both engaged at that same time. With My main character, Arthos...
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    Rodney Dangerfield passes away.

    Our beloved Rodney. The Guy finally croaked. In the end, you get the respect you deserve ma man.
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    Just a stupid little Thread for KOTOR fans.

    What were your favourite quotes from KOTOR?(And Not just restricted to HK-47) Here's one of my favourites...but theres one I'm looking for in particular....when HK is trying to translate the Jawa near the Anchorhead gate. Yuthura Ban: "and who are these two?" You: "They are my slaves"...
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    CS:S Beta

    I don't know if any of you have heard the news, but Condition Zero owners, and people with that....ATI thingy are being used for the Counter-Strike: Source Beta that's being released....well Today I believe. As a Condition Zero owner(Yes, It's ALOT better than playing online. I hate CS and...
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    Arthos Seeks KOTOR help, (SPOILERS)

    For once, I am completely helpless at solving a Bug. I have always been able to figure it out before, now I can't. First off, I have a couple of Lightsaber Balancing mods(They were too weak to begin with. Now they're perfect.) As well as both of RedHawk's Item Packs, and his Boosterpack. (Can...
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    I, Robot(Discussion, POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

    So, whos seen this and firmly believes that it IS AN AWESOME FILM AND WILL SMITH HAS THOUROGHLY REDEEMED HIMSELF!?
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    Not that anyone cares...but......

    I'm gonna be gone for an undetermined amount of time, Maybe even a VERY long time.....I dunno.....shouldn't have bothered posting this....thought maybe some of the Old Gaurd members would like to know.
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    In sane in the Membrane!

    In sane in the brain! Bringin da pain! Stand and Face me