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    Frozen Wasteland

    awome looking :)
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    Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale game quality & ESF

    Like ESF Final better ^^
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    ESF 1.3 Final Bots?

    BlackLion Then look closer.. Anyways, yes there will. And i believe i have read that the bots in Final will be alot smarter ^^
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    [Old PotW] The Ginyu Force

    sweetness.. indeed sweetness :)
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    One important question

    Why isnt there a donate service? I mean, i wouldnt mind donating 20-30 dollars to the Dev. team.
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    [Old PotW] Desert Duels!

    Ahhh, im always looking forward to every PotW and get surprised every time ^^
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    "Where would you be"

    I'm sure it would look incredible, but there is much work behind ;) I came back to this forum after many years, and i saw you were making Esf:F, but i see you were still using HL1 Engine, and i was like --> WHOOAA !? Its a very beautiful work, im sure everybody is excited.
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    "Where would you be"

    All the work on Half-Life 1 engine is damn well done, it would be a shame to destroy it.
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    [Old PotW] Pop goes the arena

    Another lovely picture <3 Thumps up ! Have you ever played garrysmod ? try spawning enough entities to make your fps drop, it'll drop fast.
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    What would you do if ESF 1.3 came at all of a sudden right now?

    What the heck do you mean?
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    What would you do if ESF 1.3 came at all of a sudden right now?

    I would download it, and while downloading i would sit at just stare at the progress line untill it reaches 100% and then PLAYYYY !!!
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    Characters in ESF: Final

    Gief ESF:F :P
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    [Old PotW] Captain Ginyu and his Red Ribbon Submarine

    Ehhh.. the picture? Do you think it's ugly ?
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Haha lol ! Me too! last week i dreamed i was playing this wonderfull game, and then i woke up, i and i was like... NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :) Nic cell games map love the big map <3
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    Releasing ESF:F progress to facepunch forums?

    Hey, I was thinking maybe we schould make a thread on the facepunch forums, they got a section for valve games and mods. Home > Forum > Games > Valve Games and Mods I think this would a great way to get alot more players and so on :)
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    My paintings

    Compared to how i draw, AMAZING ;)
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    HBD To me x)

    Well then, HBD to you mate ;) I couldnt stand waiting for ESF:F for over a year, i mean i found out the ESF team were making a new release 2 weeks back or so, and i cant stand waiting already! XD
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    Your right, its also more funny to play online than playing lan with friends, there will also be added more online servers to ESF:F :)
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    Checkin back in after awhile

    Im wondering, can u donate money to the ESF Develpment team ? Ill gladly donate 10-12 Dollars :)