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    New Babidi Model(UTF™) - wip (revived, as myself :D)

    thank you my good old friend :D its kinda lame though, :P I know some facts ^_^ I'll up it up I'll make a super babydeh HAHAHAHA
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    New Babidi Model(UTF™) - wip (revived, as myself :D)

    ty m8 :D now THATS a nice warm welcoming -_- concerning this thread starting tomorrow I will continue to update this thread about that model :) atm I just wanna make sure I finished everybusiness I have with the mods b4 deleting posts...
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    MAJOR Delay Problem but no fps problem!

    OK guys this has gone too far(4th page I mean) with no respand so I have to double post usually I just delete the thread and make an exact same one to revive the issue but I really need this this was for my bro when we play lan games his pc is good and he didnt had this problem in the past...
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    Steam ESF 1.2 Help

    where should I install esf to? I mean whats with that 3rd party games folder? wheres that?
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    Trains in ESF 1.2 ... not working ??

    omg Im rude today arent I? MORE INFORMATION lol I mean what exactly are you talking about? I see this thread and dont know anything about what your talking about here guys lol what maps exactly? how you do that... ETC...
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    a missing esf gallery of maps! or maybe a suggestion thread to actualyl show it?

    so I WAS right!! I've seen a picture of this pillar edit somewhere b4 with many other cool old esfmaps new edits! like adding something that looks like myst to esf_mtside and changing the routes it has or something anyway what Im asking is about information about those maps wheres that...
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    Trains in ESF 1.2 ... not working ??

    sry 4 teh none pro interference but WTF??? there are car trains 4 esf mapz?
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    superbuu... lets try again shall we?

    lol well dude its a start not anything special yet but its a good start I think GL in it and nothing to crit yet
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    SSJ2 Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ)

    nagaking - not really, unlike gohan, trunks and vegeta were too weak to controll their trans to reach the perfect ssj2, ssj2 is ussj with more speed, and less size, with more controlling over the trans itself and WTF is the connection to this? anywaytionz backontopic yeah its ultra super...
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    New Deathball!

    I want to know if its animated as I hope it is... cause otherwise its not very special imo EDIT: why dont you post a gif for us to see the animation?
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    SSJ2 Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ)

    I like the way you put the armor, very original imho and simple also very good just one thing to crit about: the hair looks fine but yes, defenitly more hair in the back and another thing about the hair its pointing backwards and up, right? like if I look it in profile view then its...
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    SSJ Evil Goku

    pm as in personal\private messege in the forums also EMAIL\IM(INSTANT MESSENGERS) messegez anyway dude if you have those pics why not just reupload them to for the time being? I mean till you find a better host? anyway I NOW PM YOU my host you can use 4 free and its 100%...
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    A COOL MAP SUGGESTION!!(wow im on a roll tonight)

    try Evil texi's map called => esf_namektriangle I think but im not sure its very cool and large, it not a very tall map but it has a big area to fight in it has Frieza's Ship and Goku's Ship that he trained 100X grav with though you cant enter either of them seek it via mapz...
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    What was ESF inspired by?

    <big>O</big>_<small>o</small> [\backonmaintopic]anyways I think it got some insparation by DRAGON MOD Z no? cause it came b4 esf and it has pretty much the same style though esf is much better :] I remmember the days they were compared and there were pplz saying dmz is much better O_O...
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    I didnt find any in the stickies so here I go: I have won and esf working fine on it... but I cant connect to steam servers so I dled steam from here -Steam Installer: (Approx. 600 KB) didn't work, never reached here after...
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    New Spirit Bomb For 1.2 ( will fit better anyway ) made by Darker!

    a simple Image ready work by my lil bro nicked Little-Buu or Darker... mostly Darker is his fav nick hes not registered cause he cant English lol anywaytions check it out #1st online ESF-world Click here: I did that right? lol the quote...
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    Compile help

    omfg you really did all animations for esf 1.2? those are about 250 no? wow and could it be something with the poly? too many vertexes...? try to check it
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    Fictional Character Wip

    nice start! it is kinda flat but I guess since no refs you could say its suppose to be like that }P-) and try to make it 3d like msz files cause I dont think that that gif is very politly animated blah
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    time to make a fool of myself again

    I think that the hitboxes are in the QC file just look for it there isnt many categories to look for there... anywaytion I think that if you have diff hitboxes then the esf defaults then its a problem! cause lets say in a server you play and some1 who doesnt play with your model hit the...
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    WIP needs a good mesher

    recruit isnt allowed I think the fact that he is asking help for a model is allowed... though you should really said its for another mod posting it here lol less pplz would want to help you as an ESFers fan lol many publish models for other mods... like Darsun for example! he did his for...