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    my my where has the time gone

    Hola everyone! Man I haven't been back to these forums in a long time. I'm even more surprised that my account is still active. Most won't remember me but I'm sure there are some older members still kicking around that will remember me. Anyways I noticed e-mails in my old inbox and thought i...
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    Funniest Stuff Ever

    Love it!!! what do you think
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    Processor Question

    Hey Guys, After some thought and web surfing I've come to a dead end. Recently my aunt was given an old pc from her work. After opening it up and noticing the processor was literally hanging out of the socket it became apparent that the CPU was useless as multiple pins where bent and torn off...
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    The Best Font EVER!!

    After Recently Going on a 3 Hour long Font Hunt i found this one font that was very cool. its clean yet its cool what is your fav font?
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    Mouse Pads... Anyone Use The Cool Ones?

    I recently got a mouse pad that has a bump to rest my wrist on.. it's prety good but that do you prefer. i used to use justa old fashioned black one
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    What Fast Food Restarunt Would you Rather Work AT?

    I persoanlly Rather Work at Wendy's... Burgers are so good You Guys?
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    What Color SHoe Laces You Wear?

    I Wear Dark Blue Shoe Laces. Anyone Else?
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    Conker Live and Reloaded

    OK here's my question. i just got this game and my bro beat it while i was away. however he still has purple streak and flame fire locked. what do they do? and how do you unlock them? i can't seem to find it on the net. thanks
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    Happy Birthday Arthos

    Happy Birthday Arthos.. now just alittle older and those guys will be all over you.. now remember not to be shy lol you should also change ur name *whispers* "The Engineer"
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    PS3 Price

    "According a an article published in the May 17th edition of Japan's Mainichi Shimbun, the PlayStation 3 could be one of the most expensive mass-market videogame consoles ever created. Officials from Sony apparently told the newspaper that PlayStation 3s would sell in Japan for "less than 50,000...
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    such a nice sig

    *drools* so good i want a banana right now
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    Congrats To Cucumba and Mephit

    Well i havn't heard from Richard AKA Cucumba but as far as i know labor was induced this morning at 7 AM and by this time Cucumba should be the Proud Daddy of a baby Girl. My Congrats go out to him and his family. Now all he has to do is let Old Light Scream Teach Cuc's Daughter how to be a...
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    Need For Speed Underground 2 Question

    I just got the xbox version of the game and can't wait to play online. however i must finish the career mode to get a good enough car. now the million dollar question. i'm only just started and can't beat a certain race, i have $5,000 to upgrade parts but i don't want to use any of th emoney...
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    Post Your Xfire Names

    Awsome Program, I've used it for awhile and kinda bored with who i have on my list. figure i can play with some new people online. Mine is LiteNET ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't know what Xifre is Check it out at
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    Need Some Help

    I Recently Downloaded like 600 TFC Maps from the net, However each file is in it's own zip file. Is there a program out there that can unzip like 300 zip files at once? i rather not unzip them all one by one. I tried searching but couldn't find anything. if anyone knows of anything please...
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    GTA : San Andreas

    W00t the game has finally been announced today as being GOLD which means mass production can start for the 12 day release. anyway picking this bad boy up?
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    new sig

    taaa daa 10 chars
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    Who Should Come Back to The Tourny?

    Since alot of peopel got kicked out since they can't read i took whoever posted there images and adavced them to round 2 however i ave 1 spot extra to fill. so i thought "why not bring someone back" so you guys get to decide who comes back to the tourny. the options are on top. i...
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    LiteNET Match #10: Fatal CobraX Vs. EricW

    Good Luck Guys **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** Rules and Info :
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    LiteNET Match #8: Ghostfacekillah Vs. Raiko

    Good Luck Both of you **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** Rules and Info :