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    Bald guys battling to the death

    I know this sounds realy f***** up, but who would win in a grudge match between dragonballz's Krillin and Austin Powers' Mini-me? i mean mini-me totally owned austin by biting him in the balls and pulling wrestling s*** on him. But then again Krillin had destructo disc!!o_o
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    Improvement to Gohan's Shield Attack

    - In my personal opinion, i believe teammates should be able to enter gohan's shield, only if that particular gohan is on their team also the teammates should be able to exit the shield at their own will an example would be the garlic jr. saga when krillin jumped out to help piccolo with that...
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    powerstruggle idea

    i was thinking instead of the beam heads just pushing eachother the beams should "clash" an example would be when gohan (ssj2) and cell had that huge powerstruggle when their beams met and were shaking up the earth... what do you guys think? -by the way Im having problems... :cry: man, the...