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    melee struggle from budokai

    Well.... Button Bashing or not I think what he's talking about should be added. I mean that would look like a very cool melee struggle... I mean, all those fast flying punches n **** is a really cool part about DBZ and it would be cool to have that put into this game.
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    Okae... Im kinda faded right now so mind this stupid suggestion..... But how bout putting Goten and Trunks into the game.. But as one character? They would be going around together n **** and everywhere Trunks goes Goten follows! When they shoot their beams they combine them into one powerful...
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    melee struggle

    This is exactly what I was trying to suggest in my post, but I guess I didn't point it out clearly. It would be really cool to have melee struggles like this. The winner would be pummeled to the ground. So this way if to people swoop at eachother it could be settled like this instead of randomly.
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    Suggestion For Melee

    So what was the wrong with the suggestion? Was it just ignored? Or was there a problem in having it in the game? If so what was the problem?
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    Suggestion For Melee

    I got a suggestion for Melee... Melee struggles. It would work like this.... When 2 people target eachother and swoop at eachother... Instead of going past eachother like it usually does or one person juss being hit, it should be settled in a melee struggle... Where the characters go all...