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    Uncharging attacks

    I've been thinking for while about being able to uncharge your attacks so the you can save power, I know it does't take long to power up again but it can get annoying when you go to shoot someone and he hides somewhere until you've fired it, so insted of wasting the energy and getting...
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    Detachable Beams

    I haven't found any posts on this yet so I thought that I'd make my own one. Well you know that in the show that sometimes they fire a beam and then that beam is detached and is still a beam but is not in contact with the firer continues on while they fire another one, well I think they should...
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    Attacking Eternal Dragon

    I heard this fella saying that he killed the dragon when he summoned it, can anyone confirm if this is possible because I have been unable to try this due to lack of dragonballs.