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    Cusotm models

    I beleive that the ability to use custom models properly as skins of the origional characters should be included int he next release of esf, having to replace the origionals is such a pain in the ass just for variety... :rolleyes: :yes:
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    Using a model as a skin? Or custom models+ originals

    Hey, Does anybody know of a way of allowing Esf to use custom models but also keeping the originals, or having a script or something that can be run and tells esf to load different models, E.G models/player/gohan2 instead of gohan?? I dont want to have to use the commands to do this as the...
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    Wrong foot...

    Oh well i leave my first thread on this forum and it turns into spam thread, how crap:) sorry if I got off on the wrong foot, By the way im Mike from Scotland (ssjkorn) nice 2 meet you all. on a lighter note, how will esf(beta) effect perform on older comps? cos if it still runs nice on a...
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    Hi- Downloading in the night..

    Hi im new around here ,Hi:) I know that Esf is gettin released at gmt uhh :cry: could u guys paste the url here and ill set up getright to download- i got skool 2moorow. Thx P.s i cant wait 2 c this melee system looks clever ;D