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    Posting these final words in models

    Its been almost a year sense i havent been on the forums of esf... Seems to be esf is dead since 1.3 is taking so long or it must be the developers are noobish..... just quit.....
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    SHowing All My August.

    First And everything! DONT RIP!
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    Scientific Stuff/// Warning

    Just asking some of u.... does it look real to u guys i saw the clip,,,, no sounds but i see it moving.... just asking what u guys think.
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    New Sigy

    just new...... lol
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    Modelling cellshaded Viewer

    Does any one have a modelling program that lets u viw cell shade models? or if u have lightwave can u tell me how to put the model in the viewwer with cellshded?
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    Welcome To my World

    My new sig, what u think guys? :devsmile: :devgrin:
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    Cast Your Metalgear Vote

    Metal Gear Blue Version: Metal Gear Green Version:
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    this time i did my very own metalgear sig. what u think? tell me what u think in pool
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    Alchemist Sig.

    My new sig.
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    Boring day.

    I was very bored today and played around PS and decided to skin vegeta in a new way. In my opinion i didnt like how i did it but sense im done with it then i decided to release it, so whatever....... :S click here to download each one. Head Body
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    Another sig.

    Another sig but this time Link returns. ;)
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    rose sig

    my nnew sig what do u think?
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    Gotenks Version 1.1

    Now i know im better in this type of skining then sv but i wanted to do a different version of it. i didnt put cell shading because i dont like screens that comeout from ms they look agree.
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    A Promise I maid.

    This was a promise i maid to Ashur. He wanted sv's vegeta to be cell shaded. i spent 1 hour and rushing. Not much of a good work for me, the vegeta is not a good cell shading style so thats why i didnt try hard like Gotenks. Heres the model Ashur. Ps Its Staying this way i dont want to...
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    He Has Arrived.

    :notice: been working on it the whole night yestarday. crdits to kreshi for model.
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    i dont really post much in suggest but im really am hoping you guys make a new goku model for esf because it always comes with the same one.
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    Reborn Ones More

    credit: Kreshi Please do not ask me to change anything form the model.
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    Another One?

    well i seen the budokai 3 brolly and decided to make a edit and reskin nuttsys. this brolly is not done im trying hard on it so far and havent gone much time to finish it but it will look much better then now. ps does anyone have the bmp for the cell shading? please just dont tell...
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    Special sig

    Lol im making to many EGM sigs.
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    My new sig

    hi this is my new sig is simple but i think is pretty cool. :laff: