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    Were can i download this mod...

    just want to know m0n i used to play it a while back and it is cool only thing i h8 is MELEE so plz were can i download beta1?
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    I SWeer is there something else wrong with website...?

    ESF Website Downtime Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2002 by Mastasurf The ESF Website will be down for 48-72 Hours for maintenance. We'll see you then :0) Ive seen that msg on the esf homepage now for 1 month and its doing my head in will some 1 plz tell me why its still like that!!!?
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    PUT the website back up!!!!!

    ive waited for a about 1month and the website is down man plz plz tell me i GOOD anser on why it is down! i mean ive tryed all sorrts and still says the website is down for downtime and its been like that for at least a month and i know for some people it is ok why is it jst me,why is it still down?
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    Why is the WEbsite still down

    this website has been down for me for about 2weeeks why isent it back online i need it back online lol why is it down????? is still down at this moment still down while typing this!
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    ¨plz vote with care

    it is valied sp i dont know why i said no cos it is valid i just playing online lol but its not the orginal
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    sorry to ask this again but...

    to get more pl u kill peeps and for spirt bomb u hold it down
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    This is just bloody annoying me now !!!!

    i go on an esf after 10mins i get a connection problem even thou i just play cs and that was fine whats going on is it a bug!!!!!!!!!???
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    When u join a server y it lag"s much....

    Well its cos of all the peeps joining even if it is 1 persen it lags like crayz no matter what server it is or were it is just thought i would tell u that
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    This Doesent Make Any Sense

    i did
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    This Doesent Make Any Sense

    i can get on some server but other it says u dont have this mod or game when i do cosi can play on some esf servers and not other why is this?
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    i find loads of servers

    and there all very very laggy
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    It Wont Let Me Play The Mod

    Well i go to join an internet game i get this error:::you cannot connect to a server running custom game esforces untill you install custom game,and im think WTF it is installed cos i had esf in stalled and everythink i mean even in the hl custom game select it says it is installed HELP me what...
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    for a start

    thoses spirt bombs look like they arent touching at all and nither does the kamehame either but ty heads up anywaysz
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    WHEN IS IT RELEASED IN ______? (where you live)

    i live in england(uk) and as i post this i cant d/l beta1 havent u put it on the website yet?
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    im up t 7:00am GMT time i check website no beta1 d/l

    why o why i will wait hopefully it will on for when i finish school
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    How come when i filter servers i find none

    i mean im filtering it write cos my other mods find loads but on esf it wont find non is it my filtering or something
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    When beta1 come out will there be more servers

    i just want to know if there will be cos i can only ever find about 3 for esf now so for beta1 will there be more servers???
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    Will beta 1 have this in it.....

    Well will beta1 have bots in it like dmz1.8???
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    I Need Some Help With My Website

    Right well as some of u may know or may not know i have my own website i have enterd my website into now i have a link to them on my website now i would like u ALL to vote for my website by clicking on the link under my view my guesstbook sighn the...
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    Check This Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol its me telling u about my website again ive chaged it all guys ive basiclly redone it lol it look soo god dam good guys u have to check it out some time :) PS:::plz sighn my guestbook if u go look at the site thats my new website link i made it alot shorter