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  1. Tassadar

    NHL Playoffs

    So I've always been a hardcore fan of hockey, and I know there are a few other fans on the board, so I figured I'd try to start some sort of discussion. My team, of course, is the Wings... they're dominating Calgary right now as I type this.
  2. Tassadar

    PSP or 360

    Well I decided I'm going to sell my DS. I had a good time with it, but I'm dissapointed in the lack of good homebrew, but seeing that it's not very powerful it's not too suprising either. Basically I just put my new 32" TV (nearly new, component, composite, s-video, etc.) in the shop (that I...
  3. Tassadar

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

    Well, it's that time of the year again folks, time to sit down with your favorite alcoholic beverage, and get wasted until you can't feel your face. Tonight I have with me some Jager, Absolut, and various cases of domestic beers. Also, I give you a cool picture from 2005 St. Patty's Day...
  4. Tassadar

    One game.

    This was sort of inspired by the Last Meal thread. If you were trapped in a room for the rest of your life, and were allowed to choose one game to have with you, what would it be? After thinking of the question I thought about it for quite a while, I decided to go with Starcraft.
  5. Tassadar

    Corrupt a Wish Revistited

    Since I liked the last one, and because of a lack of new threads around in the good 'ole off-topic section, I decided to make a new one. Works like this, Person A wishes for something, Person B corrupts that wish, and makes a new wish. Example: I wish I had all the new Next-Gen consoles...
  6. Tassadar

    Naruto Shippuuden Airs

    (Please don't discuss Warez. Naruto is licensed in the US, and obviously in Japan.) I'm worried though. I stopped watching it after the fillers started. Will I have any idea what's going on? I'm hoping they don't include filler chars/events in the new anime, but somehow I wouldn't be...
  7. Tassadar

    Classic ESF Threads.

    You know the forums has a database of all the threads made since it's conception. Post your most memorable/funny/outrageous threads. Every time I see or hear the word "brief" I think of the spectacular ownage on Alea's part in this thread:
  8. Tassadar

    Diagnosing a problem.

    I built a computer for my friend, and I assembled it correctly. Specs are below if you care to know. Anyway, while booting the mobo speaker essentially goes insane, beeping high, to low, it's a very politoned speaker, so it doesn't really have a distinct BEEP BEEP to it, it almost sounds like an...
  9. Tassadar

    Athlon X2 on socket 939

    I was wondering if anyone heard any negatives about using an Athlon XP X2 on a socket 939 board. There are a few X2's available on 939. The obvious negative would mean no DDR2 support. I was looking to upgrade my processor, but I believe my board is sufficient, despite it's lack of DDR2...
  10. Tassadar

    Drink Cocaine

    I saw this on the Daily Show. I thought it was a joke. Until I went to the website. *sigh* Only in America... *EDIT* Website appears to be down, probably because of the Daily Show traffic. Here's some wikinfo.
  11. Tassadar

    YouTube - A product of Google.

    Everyone's favorite once small company is now becoming a giant. Google recently announced a deal to purchase YouTube for a value of 1.65 billion dollars in stock. Kind of makes me feel sad. I used to like...
  12. Tassadar

    Oh noes... South Park + WoW = ?

    The upcoming tenth season of South Park makes it's debut next Wednesday. The first episode is all about the World of Warcrack. Watch. Discuss.
  13. Tassadar

    New WoW Thread!

    It's that time again! Post your WoW chars! I finally found a guild, and we just downed Nef the other day! The next night we did AQ40 and got Skeram down. It was great fun. This is me in DPS gear, with The Untamed Blade. This is me in Tank gear, 5/8...
  14. Tassadar

    Fall of Liberty, Nazi America

    Anyone else excited for this game? I love alternate timelines, this one sounds intense as hell. It's suppose to be an FPS. About damn time we get an FPS with some originality to it. I'm tired of all the damn WWII shooters. FPS seems to be either WW2 or sci-fi, or gtfo. This picture is...
  15. Tassadar

    Lookin for Keyboard+Mouse suggestions

    My current keyboard+mouse selection doesn't work for ****. It's an M$ wireless set... the range is about 2 inches and it's extremly unstable. One mouse I used and loved was the Logitech MX (the lazer one). But it's a tad too expensive. If you guys could, suggest some good keyboard+mouse...
  16. Tassadar

    AMD Radeons?

    According to, AMD has decided to completly drop the ATi brand name. Interesting. I expected AMD to keep ATi's brand name. With all the contradicting statements though it's hard to tell what AMD's plans really are for it's new aquisition, ATi.
  17. Tassadar

    C&C 3: Tiberium Wars

    There's been a few new screenshots released for the new installment in the Command and Conquer series. This is obviously not a sequel to Red Alert 2, but rather a sequel to C&C Tiberium Sun which was based off of the first C&C. I'm approaching this one with a great deal of skepticism...
  18. Tassadar

    Happy birthday... America!

    Yeah... there was a Canadian one.. so it's only fair right? Britain's "psychotic, gun-totting" offspring turns 230 this year. Even though we were rebellious in our teen years.. I really think America and Britain has that late-age father-son relationship going on. Now let's go blow some...
  19. Tassadar

    He Knows...

    It made me laugh. Discuss.
  20. Tassadar

    WoW's One Year Anniversary

    Already been a full year since WoW came out, and I'm still loving every minute of it. To celebrate, Blizzard is giving away a Geforce 7800 GTX PCI-E to one lucky WoW account (must be active) every day until December 31st! That just goes to show you how much Blizzard kicks ass...