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    When did it become 3AM? Damn you S4 League

    agh, looks so tempting but schools about to start, can't start getting an addiction, besides my comp probably can't even play that.
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    Coffin Nails

    I don't smoke around people who don't smoke.
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    Coffin Nails

    I smoke maroboros, camals, kools, never menthals, mainly anything i can bum off my freinds. Don't see all the mellow drama that follows smoking, if you want to do it, do it, if you're against it no reason to impose your beliefs on others.
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    Lhc - 09/10/08

    I do, and it does that to me too.
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    Lhc - 09/10/08

    Are you using FireFox 3?
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    Skate 2

    It didn't have alot of the moves Rodney Mullen created, which are the most complex and cool looking moves...if they can accomplish those moves they win.
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    State of the Forums

    This thread is bringing more hostility than it's worth TBH.
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    State of the Forums

    I was just going to say that.
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    Saints Row 2

    It doesn't look bad...not bad at all, i thought it wouldn't hold a candle to GTA 4.
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    $50 bucks

    Lol @ US economy and the weakening dollar.
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    $50 bucks

    shwag goes for like 40-50 an oz down here, and it's pretty legit. Dro would be like 400 an oz. Hooker is also a good option.
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    $50 bucks

    Buy an oz. of weed.
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    The Dark Knight

    It's number 1 on imbd's top 250 O_O
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    Rate that Signature ZERO; the prequel to the award winning series!

    6/10 it's pretty funny, and the color scheme works, but the text sucks.
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    A Sims style game with adult content

    still sounds a little messed up to me.
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    IGN Gives out their First 10/10 Since 1999

    haahhaaha, joking right? Prototype looks tight to be sure, but GTA 4 is just.... 10/10... UNDERSTAND!?
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    IGN Gives out their First 10/10 Since 1999

    It's pretty much getting game of the year, period.
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    does any one know

    Game looks sweet, DLin now.
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    Mirror's Edge

    Now just put that sense into a Battlefield game and then you're getting somewhere.
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    looking for new mmorpggames (preferably free) It's a browser based game, but it looks very cool it's in the alpha phase right now, but closed beta should start relatively soon.