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    Damn, you're alive!
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    Wow. It has been a while!

    How to become "one of the original greats of ESF": 1) Play ESF a bit 2) Make a few maps no one ever played 3) Quit ESF for 10 years 4) Make drunken post mid day 5) Profit
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    Wow. It has been a while!

    Pretty sure we were all about 15 at the time. Except for Damaera. He was like -5 years old. :smile: Edit: Holy shit is my sig messed up. Oh well.
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    Your Desktop
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    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    Too tired to take the screen shot, but I got 85 in about the same time as you, Prozzy. Realm first DK, third 85 overall. I'm Hemineglect.
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    580GTX Reviews are in ~

    I understand your point. However, what I was trying to say without actually saying it is that no one knows if AMD/nVidia/Intel are still in a price fixing ring. The technological advances we see today could just be something they already agreed on to release. It's a pessimistic and cynical world...
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    580GTX Reviews are in ~

    Why? Because it was true in earlier generations of video cards that duel GPUs are excessive and for people with "too much money"? That is no longer the case. Duel GPUs can be more powerful and cheaper than a single GPU option. Games are regularly designed with multi GPUs in mind, so to argue...
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    x32 vs x64 Bit OS

    The performance difference between 64 and 32 is less than 1% at best (I read benchmarks on Tom's Hardware a while back). The only difference is if you need more than 4 gigs of memory (video ram + system ram). Most applications are not optimized to properly utilize 64 bit OSes, so the difference...
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    Interviewed for a tv show

    I dont know where else to post this, but yesterday, I was around the Covent Garden area in London and a few people with a tv camera asked me to do a quick interview for some show. They asked me like 10 British slang phrases and asked me what I thought they meant. I think I interepreted then all...
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    I ended up being mostly at Tao, Pure, and Tryst (I had the numbers for the promoters, so I could get on the list). During the day, I would wonder around the casino floor hitting on girls. It was tons of fun, and I didn't spend a dollar gambling. I sipped on vodka all day.
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    I'm going to Vegas this weekend. Anyone live there or know the area well? I'm looking for good nightlife spots. Big clubs. Big malls with tons of people. That kind of thing.
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    RIP Guru 20/04/10

    =/ That's disrespectful and a stereotype. He died of cancer, in case you were wondering. He helped push rap towards intellectualism and pride, not arrogance and 'pimpness.' He was about knowledge and happiness. Show some respect.
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    Trying too hard (To socialize)

    Reeks of desperation. Some people just don't have anything, and they think they can get it by trying hard because why should socializing be any different, right? Well, yeah, it is different. Unless you try so hard to appear and seem like you arn't trying hard. But now I'm just giving you a headache.
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    RIP Guru 20/04/10 RIP.
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    GTX480 and 470 are here along with a record breaking mobo :O

    I've had 3 ATi cards, 2 desktop, 1 laptop. 0 issues so far. I've also had 2 nVidia cards. Also 0 issues. Point is, one person starts spreading his analysis around. People who don't follow tech sites closely start repeating it and exaggerating it until it's blown out of proportion.
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    GTX480 and 470 are here along with a record breaking mobo :O

    I think your post is hilarious j-dude. I'm using an Intel/ATI system. Never had a single issue. What you are talking about is a common misconception. I've seen just as many issues with Intel/nVidia systems as Intel/ATi and all other combinations. Ha. Video card naming schemes are designed to...
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    Six Monitors, One Video Card

    Triple 6 you say? I'll do you one better: MEET QUADRUPLE 6. No seriously - that's real. Four videocard eyefinity - 6x4 = 24 monitors running some retarded number of pixels. Eyefinity is moving towards a spherical wall of monitors that engulfs your reality and opens a portal directly to the...
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    Six Monitors, One Video Card

    To be fair, kids usually don't opt for anything that requires effort/skill to put together. The real people buying this are the 20-50 year old enthusiasts who don't game often. They would buy it because it's fun to build, it's fun to be at the cutting edge, and it's six god damn monitors. Six...
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    Six Monitors, One Video Card

    Video review:
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    ESF Melee Update News

    Hey now, where's the POTW? I demand justice!