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  1. Cap J


    Sorry but there is no estimate for release.
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    Progress is slow but is still going on the next version of ESF (which is ESF: Final, not 1.3, 1.3 was abandoned years ago). There's various things left to do and is difficult to say how much is left, however if you join our discord and link your forum account you can see the SVN Logs channel and...
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    Help to install ESF Final

    As Dragonias said, it's not ESF: Final, it's instead the final version of the ESF 1.3 Open Beta, which is an abandoned version of the game that was very broken and unfinished. Admittedly the wording in the name could be better. However, if you do want to install that version then you need to...
  4. Cap J

    Tierva - Ready's new game

    LIES! XD Also Tierva looks cool. And as requested on the about page, good luck. :)
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    Bid For Power

    Your gameplays....about some ideas......for other games or mods..... I don't know what you mean but all I see is a video of Bid For Power gameplay, which makes sense in a thread titled Bid For Power but I think something got lost in translation when it comes to the sentence you wrote. :S
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Screenshot? :P
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    You....think it would be cool to release an unfinished game that is unplayable? ....Huh.....weird. Also, the mod IS released, 1.2.3 is perfectly playable. :P
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    Star Citizen Have fun. :P
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    Nothing new

    As sky said, the discord gets far more updates than the site or even the forum. And also a lot more activity so can always join and have a chat with folks, including the devs.
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    Star Citizen

    Two hundred.....and eighty-eight dollars.....on a game.....good lord man O_O
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    Damn sky, triple posting. ;P I'm sure hlev will approve of the right-angled avatars. Afterall, if it isn't a right angle it's a wrong angle. :P
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    Or maybe a choice? Would it be possible to implement an option on the profile/avatar edit screen to have square, round, elliptical, or maybe even square with rounded edges pictures? Doesn't make much difference to me as I don't mind what shape they are, just wondering.
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    You don't like our balls, hlev? :P
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    I like the new forum

    I guess with the forums waking up a little from such a long slumber we're bound to get some slip ups now and then. :P
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    I like the new forum

    Tut tut, double posting, for shame. :P
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    I like the new forum

    Glad to see the forum banner is back now. :)
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    I like the taste of your testing.
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    I like the new forum

    I like the taste of your sins.
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    hello, double here. :P

    hello, double here. :P