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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    The Tsuro Thread Status: 100 % Complete Tsuro click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *BASE POSES* click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *MOVES* - Super Saiyan 3 Special Ultima Blast *DONE* - Zanko-Ho*DONE* - Omega Bomber *DONE* - Oozaru Fist *DONE* - Oozaru Fist Boost *DONE* -...
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    My Latest Sprite Sheet

    Heyzz People I was preparing for DBNG ( by Davidskiwan ) the animated gif serie and was making costum sprite sheets and i made a SSJ4 Vegeta and i thought since the outfits of NG SSJ4 Vegeta and GT SSJ4 Vegeta were a little differend so i made a recolor and desided to release it to you guys ...
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    King Cold Transforming ??

    Hey I just recalled King Cold is similair to Freeza from 2 , so i wondered would he be able to transform ?? , i guess we will never know Greetings Maistro
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    My New Soundpacks

    Heyzz People I made some new soundpacks , one is for that Mr Satan model thats out there and i made a new Gohan soundpack well tell me what you guys think of them btw there from Budokai II Soundpack Mr Satan Son-Gohan
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    Maistro AMV : Naruto vs Gaara

    Heyzz I recently made another AMV , tell me what you guys think Greetings Maistro
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    Why Dislike DBZ

    Heyzz If you read through the thread about wich was the best fight in all DB Trilogy , more then haff seem to write down DBZ sucks and GT doesnt i myself find this very weird since DBGT was based on DBZ and in my appinion is allot better then GT fighting and story wise , why do you people (...
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    My HUD ****ed !!!

    I dunno if its just me but my hud seem to be differend then the other version and i don't mean the looks i mean the brigthness i tried to change my brightness but i didnt work but in all videos and screenshots from the team it has it like the old version here a screenie to show what im talking...
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    Buu's Bodypart

    Heyzz If i recall correctly Buu should have gotten Bodypart in this release ( outline thingy ) and he doesn't , so here is what i did , i started ti play with Buu and checked out all his moves , and i noticed "bodypart" wasn't there then i checked Buu's class and the move wasn't in the list...
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    My First Sprite Sheet ( EDIT )

    Heyzz Well im working on a big new video featuring Trunks vs Cell , and i needed a SSJ Trunks with a jacket , wich my current sprite sheet didnt have ,so i desided to make it myself pixel by pixel a crapload of work but if i look at the result im happy ^^ Original: My Edit: As you...
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    Hercule vs Frieza

    Heyzz I made this one quite a while ago but never put it together , so i did it now it think its hellah funny even slowed the part with big text down for you slow readers ^^ , remember its old work and has some faults ( BG **** ) but still enjoy...
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    New Goku Video ( .gif )

    Heyz I was working with a new sheet and some new progs well tell me what u guys think ^^ Greetings Maistro
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    Goku vs Freeza ( .gif Video )

    Heyzz Guys I was bored at school so i deside to make a funny gif video i think its hella funny hope you like it ^^ Greetings Maistro
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    Were Back ( ESF - Movies )

    Hello Guys After a while were finaly back in action Site-Wise pay us a visit ^^
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    ESF Movies Models

    Heyzz People These are the current models we have for ESF Movies all made and one editted by our great modeler Chireru , picture might take some time to load for 56kb caveman Goku *All Credits go to Chireru , Ned and ssj4gogetenks * Piccolo *All Credits go to Chireru *...
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    Final Fantasy X-2

    Heyzz All I was planning on buying FFX-2 for PS2 tomorrow any of you played it , is it any good and worth the money you pay for it ^^ , and do i need to play FFX first to understand the story or do i not need to ^^ Greetz Maistro
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    ESF Movies Moving Mouths Preview

    Heyzz When we were shooting "Vegeta's Revenge" we were kinda bummed by the fact we did't have moving mouths so i had our Video Editor "MasterGoku" take a look at it and he made this Hope you all like it this kind of Moving Mouths will only...
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    ESF Movies VS The Thing

    Heyzzz All Well me and the guys from ESF Movies were doing some test shooting for ESF Movies and we made this funny lil Clip for you guys i hope y'all like it Here you go Klik Here to view the Movie :laff: Greetz ESF Movies
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    SSJ In Beam Struggle

    Heyyzzz Well i dont know if this has been suggested before but once u are able to go ssj and u start a beam struggle when normal you should be able to go ssj while youre struggling i hope this gets added cuz this is done allot in the series Greetz Maistro
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    Some Sounds

    Heyyzz Well since i had a lil free time on my hands finaly some rest from EVM and DBA ( still allot of stuff for ESF Movies though ) but you all dont care about that :laff: hehe thanks to my German friends at ESF World for the links New Special Beam Cannon Sound New Dragon Sound New...
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    ESF Movies Revived

    Hey All Well as many of you know UPC pulled the plug on the original and i thought it was a to good idea to die so i revived the whole thing so if you want to join our crew we have spots in - Actors - Figurants - Modelers - Mappers - Voice Actors - Script Writers If u feel like...