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    Melee struggles

    Well what i was thikning was, when u hit someone and they block and then u fly in again and there still blocked and it geets a bit boring.. well what if when you hit them a second time when ther blocked, it turns into a melee struggle. So when you hit them and there still blocked a bar would...
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    Crashing Servers

    Was just wondering, will 1.1 sort out the Sheild and Disc server crashing bug? because it gets really annoying wen a server keeps crashing every 5 mins.
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    Differences between power levels

    well i was playing ESF last night and i had only just joined so my pl was very low, and iwas fighting an SSJ, dont mean to brag or nowt but i was kicking him about a bit. I just htink there should be a bigger difference in power levels, if you look at DBZ when someones transforms or woteva, then...
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    Request: SSJ4 Goku

    Theres been lots of excellent SSJ3/SSJ2 models of differnet characters including Goku, but i have yet to see an excellent SSJ4 Goku. So if you have a model that you think is a really good SSJ4 goku plz tell me where u got it or if your a modeller try and make one. Cheers.
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    I was watching an old DBZ episode the other day, and i noticed that when the characters go turbo some of them increase their energy and the aura around them becomes much more rapid, i reckon it would be good if they did this in esf. when u go turbo have another button that lets u increase ur...
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    Gohan beam thing

    When Gohan is an adult he had this move where he fires a big green beam from one of his hands, he does it against the monster thing in one of the movies and i think he does it a couple of times in the series i cant remeber. But he just holds one of his hands and shoots a big green beam. I reckon...
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    Power Burst

    I was looking over some old DBZ episodes and i noticed that when Gohan is fighting the little cell people as SSJ2, he released a big burst of energy that causes the little cell people to fly back. I reckon this should be in ESF you charge up a lot of energy (same as you would a beam) and when...
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    What will there be in future ESF versions?

    Well like most people i was curious as where ESF will be heading. Is ESF just going to be DBZ or will it evetually go on to cover some of the DBGT forms/characters, for example, SSJ 4 Goku. Also on the subject of transformations how many will there be will it just go up to SSJ 2 3 or as i sed...
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    ESF Clans

    Wonderd if there were any ESF Clans about yet, and if ther is, if any of them are looking for members :). Also i know it's a bit earlier and everything but does anyone know if theres gonna be any ESF leagues set up?