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  1. Majiin_Vegeta

    Download mirrors

    thought you might like to know your gamershell mirror has a currupt file me and my mate downloaded it.. 2 seperate PC's/connections.. both got the same error.. some i/o shiz :S anyone got some WORKING links.. becuase all these sites with the tones of adverts and waiting 10 seconds to...
  2. Majiin_Vegeta

    DBZ films/episodes

    POST your music Video sites... here is a very good site..this guy makes the best music videos i have seen best vid is "set aside the pride" vegeta fans will like this
  3. Majiin_Vegeta

    just a few sugestions

    1 actaully have 2 teams..Evil and Good...with different characters from what i have seen both teams have the same charcters O_o also..when transforming to SSJ and such...would love to see sum dust..and a big power wavy :laff: thing maybe the dust flying in a circle around the player..and...
  4. Majiin_Vegeta


    i have this problem maybe a bug...i crash to desktop everynow and then..its becaome more recent aswell bloody annoy i may add..normmaly happens when i am close to going SSJ :cry: anyway past 2 times it has happened to me i had recently spawned from dying..and i press " W " "space bar" and...
  5. Majiin_Vegeta

    img hosting

    hey guys...anyone know any sites i can get an acount for free and link the pictures for like siggys... without sum *** red X or sum *** website advertert like tripods..
  6. Majiin_Vegeta


    hmm so much stuff to read thru but i cant be bothered.i dunno if this has been brought up before but whats gonna happen about the SBC and this PS u get into if you shoot end up in this PS..and the other guy can freely move.... which is unfair because you cant get outa the PS for...
  7. Majiin_Vegeta

    great work

    Hey just downlaoded this mod and i have to say great work and the models look super sweet..only played it once so my ass kicked..didnt know what to do :D hope to see this progress into a full mod and completed.. keep up the good work - MV