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  1. sexyasian86

    My new sig and avie

    Any comments on my new sig and avatar? make anything better? fix anything? anything at all?
  2. sexyasian86

    WHAT?!!! FRIEZA?!!!

    Yea these were models from 1.1 and alpha that i recreated -------------------- Credits ESF Team - SS Vegeta & TCiccarelli for the Form 3 frieza. The Form 4 and 100% are from alpha and i reskinned them quite awhile ago. -------------------- Anyway, that's to shao, he got them converted for...
  3. sexyasian86

    1.1 to 1.2

    It is possible to convert 1.1 models to 1.2 correct? I just need to put the 1.1 models on the 1.2 skeleton w/ animations right? I'm just making sure so i can save the trouble of wasting space. thx for your help. -asian
  4. sexyasian86


    Wondering if i'd be possible in the future to add in a code so when a player is thrown into the ground or the wall, he breaks into it, or he's crushed into it. Anyone get what i'm saying? Instead of stopping on the ground or wall, the players breaks through taking damage (if thrown into it)...
  5. sexyasian86

    instant teleport

    first time suggesting something so... i've been using mousewheel to teleport 5 times at once, which is basically instant teleport, but it's sorta lame. my suggestion is to add in instant teleport. slows down time for everyone (idea from the specialists and the opera) and the person that's...
  6. sexyasian86


    I have a clan for rtcw and et and in the forums..there is a section where we can flame all we want. it's called Complaints Place to Bitch and Moan So i'm suggesting that, so people don't spam and flame in the wrong thread. But i can see why this idea wouldn't bleh.. :fight...
  7. sexyasian86

    Gt Vegeta -SexyAsian86

    Credit -Turk & *Sin Goku & Azn Thanks for looking, no crits needed here you go. Up on RedSaiyan soon enough -Asian
  8. sexyasian86

    Gogeta -SexyAsian86

    Credit -Smo and Logan. Enjoy, Hope you Folks like it. It'll be up on RedSaiyan hopefully. -Asian
  9. sexyasian86

    Ssj2 Goku -SexyAsian86

    Credit-Smo & Turk reskinned and edited smo used esf goku's hair for normal goku 2 Splashes tah da enjoy and check out my other shiz They will probably be released onto RedSaiyan -Asian
  10. sexyasian86


    k, i dunno what i did, i'm sorry if this has been asked. This is my first time asking for help and it's about one of Goku's attack. i was playing, yes. and then when i pressed 7 for the kame torpedoes, it didn't show up, like i couldn't use it-_- did something or something? and if not...
  11. sexyasian86

    Goku Exercise

    i'm starting to animate and i got bored so i felt like doing a new animation for smo's goku ^_^ his deep idle animation is him doing his arm stretches ^_^ don't want to make a avi so a picture will do fine ^_^ peace hehehe, ^_^ hope ya'll like it :P
  12. sexyasian86

    New Frieza Model?

    wanted to know which one to make next. Gonna be in the frieza pack. Post a picture of what u want along with the request. That would be helpful to make it faster, heh. Well tell me which one, poll will be up for 1 day and i'll start. lates *edit well i finished 2 of the frieza...
  13. sexyasian86

    Freiza Form 3

    here ya go credits SS_Vegeta for freiza form 2 TO PRO DON'T SPAM AND FLAME IN MY THREAD DON'T EVEN POST IN HERE. and i've already talked to a mod about this, DONT POST YOUR "WORK" in my thread. ok? thankz pro if u listen. :) Edit* I Finished the model ^_^ it'll be on redsaiyan soon...
  14. sexyasian86


    well here ya go ppl. credits to azn [dont know where to contact him sorry ughh] uhm and yea that's about it. ^_^ basically took me forever to reskin it. and added on his lil mystic kai suit thingie i'll be adding a Z Sword later wh00t wh00t also need to add the Red Belt. i'm still working...
  15. sexyasian86

    Omg Goku!!!!!

    don't ask why i'm doing this for you guys. i got bored, and i still love you guys. but i dunno. is this model as sweet as an angel or what. i found a reference picture somewhere on so i decided. OMG i should do it! a blue version of this is available, but i was too lazy to make...
  16. sexyasian86


    for the TS mod. NOT for esf. maybe in the future. i'll convert it to esf :P i probably am going to. hehehe cause i wanna see Neo fly and use beams :laff: that'd be tyte. teehehehe, until then here ya go. creds are in it's rightful place. check ts forums for them ^_^ Neo Agent...
  17. sexyasian86

    Mega Man X/Rush Armor

    here it is. ^_^<--click here if u cant see picture. i got bored? not really. for a mod i'm working for. then i made it for esf. ^___^ replaces gohan wh00t. [, gonna get started on the rush armor for your...
  18. sexyasian86

    ZERO!!!!!!! and Farewell

    well here is a zero i converted. i edited most of the parts. recolored for the transformation to black armor zero. normal is the regular red. just a last thing i wanted to show ^_^ credits:John “Ronin{Triad}" Fisher form quake 3 ^_^ :PPPPPP ya'll can't have it either ^_^ you guys...
  19. sexyasian86

    last tribute: GUNDAM model }wip{

    GUNDAM model (WIP) well here is my WIP of a gundam. gonna get some help from ssj4gogetenks. but made that head last night and it's the first model i'm actually dong on my own. well making this for a new mod im in. hope you guys like it, havent really added in the detail parts of the head...
  20. sexyasian86

    New Sword

    i was wondering if this sword would look nice with trunks if i reskinned it. it's a new sword i made, longer and has new handle grip and cover thingie. looks sharper and more cleaner than the original esf one. i'm thinking of putting it with the bojacks trunks i'm going to release on...