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  1. Slaxor

    Charged turbo - OMG! PICS! :O

    Ok, here goes. Holding down the turbo key when charging would bring up a "super turbo" bar. So... uh, yeah. Pics kind of speak for themselves. - The bar could fade back to green after prolonged use.
  2. Slaxor

    My somewhat latge suggestion list

    Gah, here we go... -Different 'stat system' I find it a bit strange (and annoying) that your speed only changes when you transform/use turbo. How about you? Well, my idea is this. Say that you get 1 (depending on current character) more speed unit (HL speed unit) when your base PL...
  3. Slaxor

    Andvanced ki-ball thingies

    Ok, so here's my idea. First, you charge up a ki-ball (or whatever you might call it) between your hands. Second, you can choose to send lots of small ki blasts flying or just throw the whole thing (big boom). You see stuff like this quite alot in the series if you think about it ^^
  4. Slaxor

    Multiple Trans-bars

    Some eyecandy. Something new for 1.3 perhaps? Example : This would help keep track of your transformations, yes? Another possibility for this would be that you could select what trans. you'd like instead of having to go through them all (but that...