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  1. Hawki_ice

    narutoMix sig

    Trying to make another sig .... no main reason just got inspired which version looks better? and any critz are welcome. EDIT: fixed the white parts and the small dots at the end so far the second one seems to be the best any critz?
  2. Hawki_ice

    V1.2 Bing bing bing <FAILED> dangit

    DAMIT..... it was going so well then blam stupid gif saving format, rined again. critz? Dw, Im gana retry doing this one in V2 format again, stupid gif carnt handle angles aRG.
  3. Hawki_ice

    sig new design V2

    ok i reworked the design i used and put it in a more convential square design. i completly redid theis one i dident use anything from the other one so this is more a new sig than a redo. Critz? if anyone cares. EDIT: Patch V2.b and hopfully thats better :D
  4. Hawki_ice

    Hawki Naruto sig :D

    Ok i made a cool new naruto sig with a new design It dosent come out right the edges are still slightly anoying. so im gana make a new one with a nother style :D
  5. Hawki_ice

    Mari Gohanz :D Facesig

    Ok SD Captian made this wicked little face personal his faces are the coolist designed since spins and so i asked him to make mari gohan :D i love this little Face it p4wnz oh and the text was also choosen and given to me by SD captain :P i was gana use ARIAL BLACK lol, all pic in...
  6. Hawki_ice


    ok here is some wallpaper I made a wile ago and Your task is to make some new ones - My wallpapers are old and pretty plain so people please post your crits, use my wallpapers as the lowest...
  7. Hawki_ice

    Buu vs gohan Moving gif

    Ok i got bored of the sig i made fo tux soo long ago it was starting to looks old lol so i made him a new one i know its simple but its animated so i had to keep it basic to keep the file size small and seeing as how he never has an avatar that match's i thought "hey why break the...
  8. Hawki_ice

    One Must Fall 2097 - Shadow

    UPDATES BELOW WIP might take me a wile its not an easy robot 2 model >.< What the Shadow looks like!
  9. Hawki_ice

    One Must Fall 2097 - Jaguar

    UPDATES BELOW Ok hands are comming and the body still needs work here and there! im gana skin it myself thats not 2 hard.... But this guys gana need his own animations cause im forced 2 make him a custom skeliton! I can TRY 2 make some my self but i could use some help if anyones...
  10. Hawki_ice

    Oh dear lord the bordom

    I gess i havent made any sigs for other people in a wile so i picked someone I knew that had a sig in need of a redo Crytz? Oh and i made this one before i releised that some guy had made Killmore another sig! *EDIT* it was gana be animated but the crappy little vegeta animation...
  11. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball NG models! (need skinner)

    Ok if u havent read NG go here ( There will be a SSJ3 teck! if u want 2 skin these please send me a pm with a pic of some of YOUR work or post a pic of one of your skins here! NOTE: i have given credit two SMO and AZN! credit also goes 2 Ultra33gokussj3! IF...
  12. Hawki_ice

    Gohan Goes Crazy Go nutz

    MORE GOHANZ lol Gohan Goku Clothes Mari Gohan (Two armed version) I got Premission for those that dident get that I GOT PREMISSION My bad forgot the download link!
  13. Hawki_ice


    Hawki's Gohan EDits~Armour GOhans Ok i did two gohan edits! NORMAL GOHAN IN ARMOUR! MARI GOHAN IN ARMOUR! Ok my next 2 edits r a NON battle damaged normal gohan in goku clothes And a non Battle damaged MARI Gohan with two arms! Two download them go here! *Empty Hole...
  14. Hawki_ice

    Mari Gohan Experiment

    I got bored and decided to play around and learn a bit more about modeling! For this im using DC darkings armour! AZN's gohan and a skin (skin touch up) by Cheeseman! Also thanx 2 ssj 4 Gotenks What u think? I was thinking of changing His boots 2 Trunk's and mabe changing the color of...
  15. Hawki_ice

    FINALY NON Battle damaged Mirai Gohan

    Credz! AZN -model Cheeseman - original edit ssj 4 Gotenks - removed Battle damage Hawki_ice - further model editing 2 fix stuff ssj 4 gotenks did :) Skin - No idea im gessing cheeseman! original was azn! Applying new skin - Hawki_ice Yes Cheeseman gave me premission 2 edit his edit...
  16. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball Ng Issue 2

    i love doin this!! DRAGON BALL NG ISSUE 2 IS DONE YIPPIE Go read it! *edit (for the noddy's who dont know what a linked image is )
  17. Hawki_ice

    been a wile

    i havent been round here much ... cause i lost my host arg... oh well i have a crappy one im using at the moment it should do Heres one for AscensionX (he wanted a moving piccolo on it :S) Creds 2 DaKiLLa for another ausom texture! any critz?
  18. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball Ng

    ok guys im working with David and LordKillmore 2 make a pack that replaces all the basic ESF models with a sort of NG conversion (just puts NG models in game) so its just really making a model pack lol Lordkillmore is handling sprites, David has done a few REF pics for the chars and im...
  19. Hawki_ice

    Miari Gohan

    OK im redoing miari Gohan (cheeseman EDIT, AZN model) for 1.1 I made a sound pack using the movie! Pic Go 2 link 2 view! But as i was doing the animations for him i stuffed up a bit! I used goku for the animations like i should but i...
  20. Hawki_ice

    Feel the rath of Liger Zero!

    Texture by (i bet you'll never gess) DaKiLLa :D sry for the thread name i just watched the first few eps again! i love ZOIDS!! so cool Critz?