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  1. Loki


    The prices of gas have not only gone up because of the cost of oil but because of the refinery's that katrina shut down, Bush even has allowed us to tap up to 80 Million barrels from our Strategic Oil Reserve. Not like that matters until we get our refinery's running again anyway.
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    My Desktop Wallpaper - Abstract Multicolor!

    Wow do you take wallpaper requests?
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    To me it looks like the majority owns the proper specs to atleast play in min. quality which is still awsome looking. And not to rain on your scholarship parade, but how did you get one with that horrible spelling? ^^; Still esf is old school, and I wouldn't have it on any other game but HL1...
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    Nickname The Person Above

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    Signature for Loki

    Thank you much Hwoarang =3
  6. Loki

    Open challenge

    Sorry I've been ultra busy X_x
  7. Loki

    Open challenge

    Just reserving spot, I didn't write today because I wasn't feeling creative enough. Don't worry I won't forget about the match like some people do >.>
  8. Loki

    Open challenge

    By the time im finished with you, you won't even be worty enough to be the dust under my boots!
  9. Loki

    Open challenge

    Accepted, I just hope you will actually finish the fight with me unlike the other people im in a match with (Iceman, [S])
  10. Loki

    Open Challenge

    Oh my dear in two fights matchs right now...and both my opponents HAVE NOT POSTED IN A WEEK
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    Nice BG and picture blending, and the text fits in my eyes 9/10
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    A dreamcatcher is a native american thingy that is supposed to catch your nightmares and then when the sunlight hits the dreamcatcher it melts them away.
  13. Loki

    Do YOU Belive in Ghosts?

    I believe in heaven and hell, but I also believe that the soul is a humans concious. When the brain fails to function the soul is released from the body and goes to heaven or hell unless somthing holds it to our world, like wanting to protect a sibiling. This is how I find a way to explain Out...
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    This is what I mean, except I never remember it until right before the event then I kinda get a hot flash then it all comes back.
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    I have deja vu dreams alot, even though I don't remember them when I wake up its during my sleep that they are produced. Like for example, my family for the first time ever, went to a restaurant called the Golden Corral; Nothing was suspicious at all, and I hadn't realized I had a deja vu of...
  16. Loki

    Open new challenge

    (lol you ass, not my fault iceman forgot =P) I hope you like this dirty, banged up house cause when im finished with you, your face and it will have alot in common!
  17. Loki

    Open new challenge

    Accepted, now we need a judge.
  18. Loki

    Quick, before i get rusty.
  19. Loki

    Quick, before i get rusty.

    Iceman your already in one with me....
  20. Loki

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 104

    Spoiler Alert Garra comes back just when the super sound ninja comes, just about when lee's *drunk* fighting is over with. Garra totals this dude, because now he is fighting to help the leaf and is no longer a complete psycopath anymore. More spoiler is that itachi wont be back in until the...