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    no servers

    problem solved, thanks for the info
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    no servers

    i just went to play and there are zero servers avalible and i cant create a server for internet play, only lan, and it was working before this happend, anyone know whats up?
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    More intence

    I think a perfect addition would be when someone transforms, electric lightning bolts shot everywhere, things explode.
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    he even said so, he closed it because he didnt like it, it wasnt violating any rules because i just did what i saw everyone else doing, i totaly made it all on my own!
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    Namek Gohan & Krillin check this out, just to help, good job though!
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    the esf forum team shouldnt close so many threads, for no reason at all sometimes, i posted a gohan mdl and i forgot the name of the guy but he closed it because he didnt like my model, FORUM TEAM PLEASE CHANGE!!!!!!
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    Namek Gohan & Krillin

    dont forget the lines on the sholder blades and stomach
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    hey, Anyone who has made a model, im me through aim at toiletflush2, i love models and their hard to find.
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    My shenlong reskin RELEASE

    Good job, thanx
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    Own characters

    i think that would be nice but i dont like the fact of only being able to chose one character forever but i like the power level remaining
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    powerlevel charger

    to make it more of a dbz game...they should be able to charge up a power level higher instead of gettin a differant one when u die or kill someone
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    esf team problem

    i think the esf team should stop abusing their priviliges cauz closing threads when someone wants help but cant find it is totaly unfair
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    trunks wip

    lookin good
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    Post YOUR own created models here

    hey everybody, this is easier for everybody if everyone posted their models in one spot for no comfusion: im not apart of the esf team but i speak for them, dont mod. their skins or frame, create your own work of art!
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    getting started with model makin

    hey, im gonna start makin some models for this game but i need to know wats the easiest and fastest program to make wats a good program and please attach a link. thanx
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    FF7 models request fill

    hey, thanx man, these look really good. A+
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    Model hosts

    hey, the guys incharge will probly close this thread but o well, i just search at google under esf models and u will find some
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    FF7 Models

    i want'em too
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    Namek Gohan

    yea dude, ur on ur way, ill look good in the end but make the shoulder blabes alittle smaller(not not much) and add alot of detail!!!
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    help with models

    hey, that worked thanx alot!!!