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    Earth's Special Forces help!

    where can i download the newest version of esf wit decent bots..... the bots and version is old, the bots, i can't kick the ones that have the name (1)[Bot]<name> so i can't make it me and my bro against everyone can anyone help me?
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    Skin help

    When you try and download a skin for "perfect cell" where does that go?? I know it goes to esf/models but i dunno if it goes to cell2 or just cell, help anyone???
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    Sensu Beans

    How do you use the sensu beans and what do they do?? I could never figure them out, can anyone help me?
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    Bot Help Please

    Can anyone help me out here, i have bots and all, but i want them all to be on the other team so it would b me against them, can i do that??? If so how??
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    Icon Help Please

    How do you get an icon for esf?? I have to go into my hl and go into custom game and activate esf, it's very annoying to go through all that, i would like to find a shorter way like an icon, just like half life has an icon, but esf doesn't have a exe. icon in the directory, any suggestions or...
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    Need Help!!!

    I need help, i downloaded a model of vegetta and it's stupid so i wanna go back to the regular, how do i do it??? Another problem I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET INTO super sayain mode with any guy. If anyone can help plz reply!!!!!!!!:shocked: :rolleyes:
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    Need Help

    Could you please help me someone, i would like to know how to go into super saiyan mode with any of the guys. I would like to figure that out bcuz it is bugging the crap out of me:shocked:, another thing, i downloaded a crappy skin for veggeta and i want to get rid of it. How would i do thato_o...