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    Compatibility with other mods FMOD.dll

    After downloading the FMOD file from this site and installing it, ESF 1.2 worked fine. However, I have a mod called Sven-Coop, and when I try to play it, it gives me the same error I first got with ESF about not being able to open client.dll. To remedy this, i keep two versions of FMOD in My...
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    Where is everybody?

    I love ESF. I believe its one of the best non-valve created mods out there. There are hundreds of people on the forums that agree with this. I am confused, however, of the lack of actual PLAYERS. I am constantly on Steam playing, but it is very rare to find any more than 10 servers up at a time...
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    New Spirit Bomb Sprite

    Ive never used any mod making tools, so i dont know if what im about to say is possible. Could the spirit bomb sprites look more like spirit bombs? In the show, they have a whitish core surrounded by a thick blue energy layer and small energy lines coming out of it (in both the small and large...